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Sharps Disposal

Sharps Bins

Sharps bins enable the safe storage and disposal of all categories of sharps waste. We provide an extensive range of UN approved colour coded sharps bins to ensure waste is segregated accurately for disposal.

Initial’s sharps bins are impact and and puncture resistant, as well as being seepage proof. They comes in a range of sizes, to suit individual requirements, with an option of wall or cabinet mounting brackets.

Confused about Healthcare Waste colour codes

The Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste document outlines guidelines for the correct segregation of waste to ensure compliance with legislation and to reduce the risk of injury. This includes a colour coding scheme for sharps bins as explained below.

orange waste colour coding

Orange Lidded

For the storage and disposal of sharps not containing or contaminated with medicines, such as sharps used for blood samples and acupuncture

yellow waste colour coding

Yellow Lidded

For the storage and disposal of sharps contaminated with or containing medicines or anaesthetics

purple waste colour coding

Purple Lidded

For the disposal of sharps and medicines with Cyto-toxic or Cyto-static contents or contamination

blue waste colour coding

Blue Lidded

For the disposal of out of date drugs, used drug denaturing kits and discarded items from use in the handling of pharmaceuticals such as bottles or boxes with residues, gloves, masks, connecting tubes, syringe bodies and drug vials

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