Reflection Washroom Range

Delivering hygiene to match your quality

Your image is one of the most important assets owned by your business. From your chosen décor, to your preferred brand of coffee, every detail has been carefully considered and selected to reflect your image.

Initial Hygiene understands your clients expect a certain style and standard, from the moment they first walk through your door. Every detail of your business builds your reputation, no matter how small. This is why Initial has developed Reflection, a beautiful new range of premium stainless steel washroom products.

Crafted from the finest grade stainless steel and styled to blend discreetly into your environment, each product in the range is attractive, robust and easy to clean allowing you to deliver uncompromising levels of hygiene to clients and employees alike.

The stunning Reflection range includes an air freshener, soap dispensers, paper towel dispenser, toilet seat sanitizer, urinal and WC sanitizer, waste bin and a no touch sanitary disposal bin. Initial Hygiene also offer a stainless steel hand dryer.

The Reflection no touch sanitary disposal bin incorporates an infra-red opening which provides your female washroom visitors with a safe and hygienic means of sanitary disposal and is available in two sizes to suit your requirements and can also be wall mounted.

We know that looks are not everything. As experts in hygiene, we have made it our business to help customers raise standards of hygiene throughout their premises. Good hygiene should not be confined to the washroom, lobby or kitchen. In the stainless steel Reflection range, you will find solutions to fit, wherever you need them in your building.

The Reflection high capacity slimline waste bin is designed to sit underneath the paper towel dispenser providing stylish and convenient method to dispose of used paper towels.

Whatever the nature of your business we are sure that good service is invaluable. It’s what your clients expect. We know, because we believe it too. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy the highest standard of hygiene, professionally delivered without fuss or disturbance to your business.

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