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Dental Waste Removal

Gypsum Containers

Correct disposal for gypsum-containing waste.

In accordance with the Environment Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 which came into effect on 1st April 2009, gypsum was banned from normal landfill (containing biodegradable waste) and must go into a separate cell for high sulphate waste. The ban was already in place for Scotland and also applies to Northern Ireland. Further details are given in the revised HTM 07 01.

Dental study moulds contain gypsum and plaster cast which, when landfilled with biodegradable waste, can produce hydrogen sulphide gas. Hydrogen sulphide gas is highly toxic and malodorous.

The majority of dental study moulds are not infectious but should be segregated as a specific 18 01 04 gypsum waste stream and be disposed of at specialist landfill sites.

  • For the safe storage and correct disposal of Gypsum waste
  • Disposal in accordance with Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010
  • Available sizes: 16L
  • Weight when full: 10kg


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Dental Gypsum Containers