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Water Management

Cost-effective and efficient Water Saving Devices for your Washrooms

If you are looking for ways to save money within your business, cutting down on the amount of waste water can be a great place to start. Initial Hygiene can help you achieve this through 2 different solutions in a Water Manager for Urinals or an Eco-Clear Urinal Solution.

Problems associated with not having a urinal hygiene and water saving system in place -  

  • High water bills

  • Regular maintenance needed and potential repair costs

  • Odour in washrooms can drive staff and visitors away

  • Poor urinal hygiene

  • Risk of failure to comply with water regulations

“In an average office-based business, up to 63% of total water usage is likely to be from flushing toilets and urinals.”

In many cases, a reduction in water wasted can be achieved by installing a retrofit control device to the urinal which will stop the urinal from flushing uncontrollably for 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Benefits in Water Management solutions -

  • Initial Hygiene Service - We offer full installation of our water management solutions and ongoing maintenance solutions.

  • Our devices and solutions are WRAS approved.

  • Environmentally friendly - save water and money using our products.

  • No compromise on hygiene.


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