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Washroom Vending Machine Services

At Initial, we understand the importance of addressing life's little emergencies with speed and efficiency. That's why we offer a diverse range of vending machines designed to cater to the unique needs of any washroom environment.

How does a Vending Machine Service in your Washroom benefit your business?

Providing vending machines in your washrooms not only shows that your company cares about the wellbeing of its staff and visitors, but it also offers a simple, convenient, accessible solution for multiple personal and hygiene products at all times, no matter the industry you're in. Below are the reasons why business owners should consider investing in a vending machine service.

  • Convenience - Anyone caught without these essential products will need to get them immediately; save the lost time of a supermarket trip with our vending machines.

  • Improve hygiene standards - Having these necessary products available at the point of need ensures users can continue their days safely and hygienically.

  • Emergency Preparedness - Having access to essential items like personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene products ensures that businesses are prepared for emergencies or unexpected situations.

  • The ideal period dignity solution - Our Period Dignity Cubicle Dispenser does more than just house sanitary products; the anonymity it grants the user removes any stigma surrounding Period Poverty

  • Enhanced Brand Image - Offering vending machine services reflects positively on a business, showing that you prioritise the wellbeing and comfort of their employees and visitors.

  • Save costs - Vending machines can help businesses manage costs by accurately tracking and forecasting product usage and minimising waste, ensuring that essential items are always available without overspending on inventory.

  • Revenue Generation - Vending machines can be a source of additional revenue for businesses, especially in high-traffic areas or facilities with limited access to other amenities.

  • Extended Service Hours - Vending machines allow businesses to provide essential items and services outside of regular operating hours, catering to employees working late shifts or visitors during off-peak times.

  • Customisation and Flexibility - Vending machines can be customised to cater to your specific preferences or business requirements.

  • Environmental Sustainability - Our vending machines offer environment friendly options, such as reusable sanitary products and organic tampons and pads, aligning with businesses' sustainability initiatives and reducing environmental impact.

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Explore our vending machine range

Whatever the size or requirements of your washroom, our innovative vending machine range has the right products for you. Discover how they can enhance your premises, while providing peace of mind to your visitors and employees.

Contactless Vending Machine

This next generation multi vending machine provides contactless payment, perfect for today's cashless world and high-traffic premises with a variety of users.

Vending machine with card reader

Introducing our new touch-free contactless vending machine, with card reader

  • Touchless and cashless vending
  • Accepts most major payment methods (excluding AMEX)
  • Minimises physical contact points providing a safer and more hygienic experience for users
  • Ensures that high-quality products are accessible to those who require them
  • Dispenses up to 9 products from trusted leading brands
  • Customisable refill lines which include: Reusable period pants, Reusable period pads, Organic Tampons and Towels, Female Incontinence pants, Male Bladder Incontinence shields and pads, Parcetamol,Shower Gel and Deodorant
  • Allows for real-time inventory tracking and remote updates to pricing and product offerings
  • Mains operated, no batteries required
  • Secured vending - reduced risk of theft
  • Available in a white finish
  • The Contactless Vending Machine is available in male and female dignity configurations, as well as in configurations suited to traditional pub and office environments.

Coin Operated Vending Machine

Along with the Contactless vending machine, the coin-operated multi vending machine offers maximum choice and convenience for customers.

Coin operated Vending machine

This premium vending machine is ideal for large, high-traffic washrooms with varying requirements

  • Dispenses up to 9 products from a choice of over 40 well known branded refills
  • Accepts a wide variety of coins
  • Award-winning design
  • Consistent reliable vending
  • High security casings / alarms available
  • Suitable for a wide variety of product configurations
  • Available in ABS White Plastic and our Signature Colours

View our range of vending refills

Dual Vending Machine

This coin-operated 2 column vending machine is versatile enough to suit any washroom.

Dual vending machine

A cost-effective way to provide common washroom essentials

  • Dispenses 2 items from our condom and sanitary Vending ranges
  • Touch-free vending prevents vandalism and is more hygienic
  • Compact design is ideal for smaller washrooms
  • Available in 3 finishes: white metal, silver metal or black metal

Period Dignity Cubicle Dispenser

Having the right method of dispensing sanitary products to tackle Period Poverty is pivotal. Our coin-free sanitary vending machine ensures Period Dignity by safeguarding the user's dignity.

sanitary vending machine

Designed with user dignity in mind, this dispenser allows for free access to period products

  • This In Cubicle Dispenser can hold one type of period product.
  • Provides the reassurance of well-known towel and tampon brands
  • Period products can be accessed anonymously within the cubicle
  • Helps to provide a caring away-from-home washroom experience
  • Demonstrates that you care for our planet and for your washroom users
  • Slim and compact dispenser
  • 1 Finish: White
  • Recommended product location: Wall mounted within the toilet cubicle
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 packs of Pads or 11 packs of Tampons

FreeVend: Sanitary vending solutions for the private sector

Although the government is funding the fight against period poverty in schools, the private sector should also look to provide free menstrual hygiene products. Our FreeVend is a sanitary vending machine, offering a great way for businesses to tackle period poverty in a hygienic manner.

FreeVend vending machine

Large and coin-free, this sanitary vending machine can cater for the high demand of communal private sector washrooms

  • Sanitary product refills provide the reassurance of well-known brands
  • Holds both towels and tampons for user convenience
  • 1 Finish: White
  • Recommended Product Location: Wall mounted in the communal washroom area
  • Capacity: 21 pads and 29 tampons

We also offer a bulk fill FreeVend machine which accommodates individual bulk pack refills of towels and tampons.

Nappy Vending Machine

Any premise with infant visitors needs to ensure that they are catered for. Our nappy vend product configuration has been specially designed to hold everything you and your young child could need.

nappy vending machine

Our Nappy vending machine is ideal for any premise with infant visitors

  • Attractive, colourful graphics wrap
  • Up to 6 product refills available, catering for the whole baby change experience and beyond
  • Consistent and reliable vending
  • Finish: White Plastic - colourful graphics available on request.

See our baby care product refills

PPE Vending Machine

Businesses should provide access to certified PPE items in case of emergencies. Our range of PPE vending machines includes a coin operated Dual Vend as well as coin free Small and Large PPE Dispensers, that will help to keep people protected on the move.

Large PPE Dispenser

Our Large PPE Dispenser lets you provide your employees with two types of PPE product free of charge in a controlled fashion.

  • Refills provide the reassurance of immediate access to PPE
  • Holds two kinds of refills simultaneously for user convenience
  • 1 Finish: White

Mask and gloves visitor pack

The 3 ply surgical mask complies with directives about mask wearing. Our disposable nitrile gloves allow people to touch surfaces with confidence.

Small PPE Dispenser

Our coinless small PPE dispenser will allow you to ensure compliance with legislation.

  • Provides the reassurance of well-known PPE products
  • Slim and compact
  • 1 Finish: White
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 Visitor packs or 11 packs of hand cleanser

Pursan hand cleanser

A trusted hand cleanser that tackles the buildup of potentially harmful hand germs. 70ml portable travel size for easy carrying. Contains 70% alcohol.

Initial's Vending Machine Service

  • Offers complete peace of mind
  • Initial will install, service and maintain the Dual, Nappy and Multi Vending Machines
  • Our Large PPE, Small PPE, FreeVend and In Cubicle dispensers are available on an outright sale basis, without installation.
  • Our national team of dedicated vending engineers are trained to carry out on-site services and repairs when required
  • Product refills should be ordered on an outright sale basis when required
  • Smart stock management system allows us to forecast demand based on prior usage

1. Contact Initial

Contact us and we will arrange for your local hygiene team to be in touch.

  • Local, expert Customer Delivery Representatives
  • Calls are returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

2. Site

An Initial Washroom Hygiene Consultant will perform a thorough inspection of your business and discuss your business's specific hygiene needs.

  • Virtual or in-person appointments available at a time of your convenience
  • Physical surveys will adhere to social distancing and face covering guidance

3. Tailored Solution

After finding out your needs, we will recommend a solution based on your specific requirements.

  • Hygiene solutions tailored to your business requirements
  • Products compliant with all hygiene and environmental regulations
  • Discreet installation with no disruption to your business

4. Ongoing Aftercare

Following your installation, we will stay in touch to ensure our products meet your requirements and recommend any other solutions that may be beneficial to you.

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will deal with any of your queries
  • Account reviews on a schedule to suit you
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FAQs about Vending Machines

  • What is a vending machine?

    A vending machine is an automated device that dispenses products to customers after they insert money or select items through a digital interface. These machines can be found in various locations such as airports, malls, schools, and workplaces, offering a wide range of products including snacks, beverages, personal hygiene items, and more.

    Initial's vending machines are catered specifically to washroom users and are designed to contribute to improved hygiene standards in public and private washroom facilities. These machines offer convenience by providing essential items such as personal hygiene products, sanitary items, condoms, pain relief medication, and other necessities that individuals may need while using the washroom.

  • What is a sanitary vending machine?

    A sanitary vending machine is a type of vending machine specifically designed to dispense personal hygiene products, typically found in washroom facilities or public restrooms. These machines offer a variety of sanitary items such as menstrual hygiene products (pads, tampons), condoms, and other related items. Sanitary vending machines provide convenience and accessibility to these essential products, ensuring that users have access to them when needed. They are often installed in locations where individuals may require these items urgently, such as workplaces, schools, shopping centres, airports, and transportation hubs.

    Initial's sanitary vending machines include a range of eco-friendly sanitary towels and tampons that are available to those that menstruate in the comfort of the toilet cubicle, offering a discreet and convenient solution.

  • What does a vending machine dispense?

    Initial's washroom vending machines dispense a wide variety of products from trusted brands. From organic and reusable sanitary pads to organic tampons, PPE, incontinence products and pain relief medication to name a few.

    View our range of vending machine refills.

  • Where can I put my vending machine?

    Most vending machines are wall mounted and will fit comfortably in the communal washroom area. Our Vending engineers have years of experience in choosing the best location for installation. Period Dignity Cubicle Dispensers should be fitted in the cubicle to ensure user dignity.