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Hand Dryers

Prevent the spread of bacteria through your business

Germs love moisture, making wet hands the perfect means for them to move from the washroom into your whole premise. Being able to properly dry hands after hand washing will improve hygiene standards, reduce employee absenteeism and improve productivity.

Our expansive range of commercial and professional dryers are available to buy or rent. Spanning from cost-effective to premium options and with a vast list of available features, we have the dryer to suit any budget or requirements.

Choose the right hand dryer

Low Energy Consumption Hand Dryers

Low Energy Consumption: Air Tap, Crystal Air, F7

These energy efficient dryers cost from as little as £5 to run annually.

High Speed Hand Dryers

High Speed: Air Tap, Crystal Air, Dyson Airblade dB, Dyson Airblade V, F7, Fusion, Reflection, VERDEdri, Veltia V7-300

This section contains dryers that can dry hands in fewer than 12 seconds.

Long Life Hand Dryers

Long Life Expectancy: Air Tap, Crystal Air, Dyson Airblade dB, Dyson Airblade V, Fusion, VERDEdri

If you're looking for long-lasting dryers with long life motor properties then look no further.

Hand Dryers with HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter: Dyson Airblade dB, Dyson Airblade V, F7, Fusion, VERDEdri

The in-built HEPA air filters on these dryers will reduce the spread of germs.

Vandal Proof Hand Dryers

Vandal Proof: Dyson Airblade dB, Dyson Airblade V, F7, VERDEdri

Robust and sturdy: these dryers are ideal for premises that need vandal resistance.

DDA Compliant Hand Dryers

DDA Compliant: Dyson Airblade V, F7, VERDEdri

These hand dryers are fully compliant with the Disability and Discrimination Act and can be installed in accessible toilets.

Compact Design Hand Dryers

Slim, Compact Design: Crystal Air, Dyson Airblade V, F7, Reflection,VERDEdri

If space is a consideration in your washroom, look no further than these sleek, space-conscious models.

Quiet Hand Dryers

Quiet: Crystal Air, F5, F7, Fusion

Noise is an increasingly crucial issue in the hand dryer market - these quiet dryers have been designed with that in mind.

Hand Dryers for Medium Traffic

Hand Dryers for Schools

For Schools: Crystal Air, F5, F7, Fusion

A selection of hand dryers that provide what schools want; low energy usage and running costs as well as a quick dry time.

Initial Washroom Hand Dryer Service Options

After our trained representative has assessed your specific washroom requirements they will recommend the right dryer based on these needs. For many of our dryers you will then be able to choose between an outright purchase or serviced contract, dependent on your preference.


Regular servicing

Total piece of mind

Equipment rental



Equipment ownership

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