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Entrance Mats

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Entrance Mats

Our entrance mats absorb dirt and moisture from shoes in heavy traffic areas. You may not consider dealing with everyday dirt a priority, so using indoor entrance mats creates a highly effective barrier that tackles the grime looking to enter your premise. Installing entrance door mats reduces your cleaning costs and minimises the potential for trips by providing an anti-slip surface and absorbing dirt and water. 

Commercial entrance mats offer many benefits to your business. We offer a range of flexible service options which will give you peace of mind that your floor mat is well maintained.  

Our extensive range of entrance door mats features a variety of colours and sizes, spanning from small to large door mats. Quality heavy-duty entrance mats enhance your company image and demonstrate an added level of consideration and care to your customers and employees.   

Employers and businesses are obliged by The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 to minimise the risk of slippages. All of our entrance mats are rubber backed and anti-slip, reducing the risk of people tripping.   

Microfibre Plus Entrance Mat


We are the only UK company to offer these innovative Microfibre entrance mats

  • Combination of Microfibre, recycled Phoenix fibre and Superstyrene rubber
  • Holds over 150% more water and almost 50% more dirt than standard entrance mats
  • Memory resistant Superstyrene backing ensures the mat stays flat and minimises movement
  • Revolutionary Raptor backing significantly reduces mat movement
  • Available in our Stone colour.

Entrance mat sizes available:

  • 85cmx75cm
  • 85cmx150cm
  • 115cmx180cm
  • 85cmx300cm
  • 150cmx250cm

Initial Standard Plus Mats

Standard Plus Entrance Mat

Our entry level Standard Plus entrance mats are versatile enough to provide floor protection in all situations.

  • Combination of recycled Phoenix Fibre and Superstyrene Rubber
  • Phoenix fibre is heat and stain resistant and made from 100% recycled materials
  • Memory resistant Superstyrene backing ensures the floor mat stays flat
  • Can hold 6kg dirt and 3 litres water
  • Stops up to of 80% dirt being walked or wheeled in

Features of Initial's Standard Plus Mat:

  • Sizes: 85cm x 75cm, 85cm x 150cm, 115cm x 180cm, 85cm x 300cm, 150cm x 250cm
  • Colours: Carbon Graphite, Planet Blue, Tuscan Red

Transition Entrance Mat

Transition entrance mat

Two mats in one - the Transition Welcome Mat has the key scraping and absorbing features of comprehensive entrance matting solutions in a cost effective package.

  • Memory resistant Superstyrene backing ensures the entrance mat stays flat
  • First stage coarse fibres maximise the dirt scraped from shoes
  • Second stage absorbent nylon captures lingering moisture
  • Solution dyed colours can endure tough environments

Features of the Transition Entrance Mat:

  • Sizes: 85cm x 200cm, 115cm x 200cm
  • Colours: Black scraper with Smokey Mount fibre

Phoenix fibre: the eco-friendly mat

Phoenix fibre is made from between 95 & 97% recycled post-consumer waste, with a 85x150cm mat containing around 6 plastic bottles. This innovation also means that the mat requires less energy because it dries between 40 and 50% quicker than other mats.

Non Textile and Outdoor mats

If you are looking for specialist Anti-fatigue mats,  Rubber entrance mats or hard wearing Outdoor entrance mats then we offer a range of  serviced and non-serviced solutions to meet all requirements.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is standard door mat size?

    Doors come in a variety of sizes. Fortunately all of our mats are available in different sizes to match this.

  • How do you clean entrance floor mats?

    Our state-of-the-art laundry machinery thoroughly cleans our fully washable loose-lay mats with minimal use of chemicals. Door mats can be hoovered or steam cleaned in situ to increase their performance.

  • What is an entrance floor mat?

    Entrance matting refers to any mat used to prevent dirt and water from entering your premise.