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Free Compliance Auditing Survey

We offer a free onsite compliance audit to survey your business’ clinical waste process and infection control protocol. This will assess each step of your waste management process identifying areas that need attention, including as required:

  • Clinical waste management, segregation, storage and disposal
  • Offensive waste management, segregation, storage and disposal
  • Correct use of sharps and pharmaceuticals on site
  • Safer sharps requirements
  • Sharps segregation, storage and disposal
  • Infection control
  • Use of PPE 
  • Dental waste management
  • Amalgam disposal onsite

To receive your free onsite survey and full guidance on your waste disposal requirements, contact the Initial team today.

Online learning

As a producer of any controlled waste in the UK, it is your legal responsibility under your Duty of Care to ensure the correct and proper management of the waste you generate. In order to support your waste disposal practices, Initial Medical provide online training material. With informative and accessible learning on clinical waste management and legislation, our resources help ensure you and your employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and that any changes to waste disposal procedures are followed in line with the legislation.

Initial's unique e-learning platform - myLearning - offers a flexible solution to waste management and infection control training which is accessible 24/7.  With concise and easy-to- follow modules which are CPD (Continuous Professional Development) certified and include interactive videos and mini-quizzes, it enables study at your own pace; at a convenient time and place that suits you. myLearning offers verifiable CPD (with a certificate as proof) in a range of relevant and important subjects, including Duty of Care, Sharps Injuries, and Dental and Clinical Waste Management.

With our free on site survey and additional online training, you can ensure full compliance with regulatory bodies throughout the UK. Our learning resources update whenever legislation changes, meaning that you will never be behind on the latest waste disposal legislation, supported further by the guidance of your local Medical consultant.

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Online learning bundles

Duty of Care

Duty of Care myLearning module:

✔ "Duty of Care" according to Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990

✔ What is meant by “Controlled Waste”

✔ Requirements for complying

✔ Consequences for non-compliance


Hazards of Mercury

Hazards of Mercury myLearning module:

✔ What is mercury and what are the hazards

✔ Relationship between mercury and dental amalgam

✔ Symptoms of mercury poisoning

✔ How to dispose of mercury

InSafe Safer Sharps

InSafe myLearning module:

✔ Legislation for Safer Sharp Devices

✔ Identify what InSafe is

✔ How to use InSafe

✔ Benefits of using InSafe

Sharps Injuries

Sharps Injuries myLearning module:

✔ Recognising a sharps injury

✔ Health & Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Legislation

✔ Infection risks from sharps injuries

✔ Requirements for complying

✔ What to do if a sharp injury occurs

Waste Management

Waste Management myLearning module:

✔ Waste Management definition

✔ Waste types

✔ Which type and colour container to use for each type of waste

✔ Which method of disposal is needed for each type of waste