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Floor Mats

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Floor mats for your business

Floor mats are a crucial addition for your workplace. Whether you're aiming to protect your floors, prevent accidental falls with non slip mats, or looking to impress customers with eye-catching logo mats, we have got you covered with our range of commercial floor mats.

Our team of dedicated experts will guide you through the process, offering personalised advice to ensure that you find the perfect mats for your floors.

How Floor Mats Benefit Your Workplace

Having properly serviced commercial floor mats has a number of advantages, including:

  • Helps to prevent slips and trips - Maintain a safe and hazard free workplace.

  • Minimises the risk of compensation claims - Floor mats ensure that your guests and employees are protected from accidents.

  • Reduces cleaning costs - We replace soiled mats during our regular floor mat cleaning service.

  • Keeps floors cleaner - We’ve designed our floor mats to retain several litres of water and kilograms of dirt.

  • Prolongs the life of other flooring - Protecting your flooring with our well designed mats.

  • Enhances brand image - Create a positive first impression by ensuring your entrance and reception areas remain clean.

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Explore our Range of Commercial Floor Mats

At Initial Washroom Hygiene, we have a comprehensive range of versatile commercial floor mats for UK businesses, in every industry. From custom floor mat designs for your reception, to extra protection for your industrial workshop or better safety in kitchens or bars, our variety of mats for floors can suit your every need.

Best Floor Mats for Your Business

Depending on the nature of your business and its needs, we'll help you choose the best floor mats to suit your industry and workspace:

  • Hospitality and retail - Entrance mats that trap dirt and moisture from entering your establishment will benefit your reputation. Logo mats displaying your brand creates a welcoming and professional image.

  • Manufacturing - Heavy-duty industrial mats are great to absorb oil spills and work well in industrial sectors where a durable solution is needed.

  • Leisure & Sports - Rubber floor mats such as drainage mats are great for spaces in gyms or shower facilities, helping to prevent slips and falls.

  • Restaurants and bars - Anti fatigue mats are ideal to relieve pressure and aches where staff spend long periods of time standing in one spot, and rubber mats prevent the risks associated from slips and falls.

  • Offices - Entrance mats are perfect to prevent dirt from entering your building. Custom floor mats display your brand image and water cooler mats help to absorb spillages around water coolers.

Initial’s Floor Mat Cleaning Service

Initial Washroom Hygiene's floor mat cleaning service provides your business with a freshly laundered mat at regular intervals, ensuring your floors are constantly protected from dirt and water.

How are floor mats cleaned?

Any floor mat cleaning service essentially involves two mats. One is laid in your premises for an agreed upon period before being exchanged for a duplicate mat. The soiled mat is then professionally cleaned in our environmentally friendly laundry and returned to your local branch, ready for the next service.

1. Collection

Discreet collection service with no interruption to your business.

2. Laundering

Specialist laundering ensures cleanliness.

3. Inspection

All mats are fully quality checked.

4. Delivery

Reliable delivery and professional installation.

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Floor Mats: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are floor mats important?

    Floor mats provide a huge variety of benefits to any premises. Ultimately, they prevent trips by making floors safer. They protect your floors and reduce cleaning costs by absorbing dirt and water. In the case of logo mats, they provide a great first impression by promoting your brand.

  • What are floor mats made of?

    Floor mats are usually made of textiles or rubber. Our range of textile floor mats have been designed using a combination of Microfibre, recycled Phoenix fibre (from post-consumer crushed plastic bottles) and Superstyrene rubber as we have shifted toward a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option for our high quality and hard wearing floor mats.

    In our experience, we use Raptor backing which is made from Superstyrene rubber, to give it extra floor friction and minimise movement.

    Our anti fatigue mats are made from 50% recycled rubber and our range of rubber mats can easily be cleaned with a mop or damp cloth.

  • How do I customise floor mats?

    Floor mats can be customised using a high resolution reproduction of your chosen design and can be in a range of up to 72 colours. Once you have seen a visual representation of the design, and provided approval, our floor mat team will produce the designs on the logo mats for your business.

  • How often should commercial floor mats be cleaned?

    Commercial floor mats in high-traffic areas may require cleaning every 3-6 weeks. For heavily soiled mats, more frequent laundering may be necessary. During collection, a fresh mat will be provided while the soiled one is cleaned. You can tailor the laundered mat service schedule to your business needs by coordinating with your Initial Customer Delivery Representative.

  • Which features should I look for in a floor mat?

    If you are looking for textile floor mats, ultimate absorbency is key. Our innovative microfibre Standard Plus Entrance Mat, can hold up to 6kg of dirt and 3 litres of dirt. Ensure your floor mats are rubber-backed so that they stay in place and remain flat. You can count on our memory resistant Superstyrene backing to do just this.

    When seeking a rubber mat, opt for an anti slip design with textured or suctioned backing and proper drainage channels.

  • What are the three types of floor mats?

    There are three types of floor mats available that Initial services: rubber mats, textile mats and entrance well mats.

    1. Textile mats: Indoor mats suchas entrance mats, logo mats, and industrial mats typically fall under the textile category. Initial's textile mats are made from microfibre mats that hold a significant amount of dirt and moisture. The Raptor-backing of these mats ensure movement is reduced to prevent slips and falls.
    2. Rubber mats: These mats include anti-fatigue mats, water drainage mats, and outdoor mats, requiring textured surfaces and adequate backing or suction to stay securely in place.
    3. Lastly, entrance well matting is installed on your premises - while also falling under the textile category, these mats are fixed interlocking tiles that are installed on your premises and work to keep dirt out of the three zones of your premises - indoors and outdoors.

    Initial considers the level of foot traffic and the specific industry sector of your establishment to recommend suitable floor mats tailored to your needs. For example, heavy-duty matting suits industrial workplaces, while rubber matting is suitable for environments like kitchens, gyms, or restaurants. Additionally, anti fatigue mats provide comfort for employees who spend extended periods on their feet.

Sustainable Floor Mats

Reducing our environmental impact is a crucial pillar of our business. Our commercial floor matting is produced in the UK, and contains flaked post-consumer plastic bottles.

We prolong their lifespan and prevent unnecessary waste by donating used mats to animal shelters. Damaged mats are sent to a facility where they are turned into electricity