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Entrance Well Matting

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Fixed Entrance Matting

Whether you have a matwell or not, our modular barrier matting can provide extra floor protection throughout your business.

The Three Part Entrance Mat System

Obex is a range of environmentally friendly flooring products made from recyclable PVC and reclaimed post-consumer fishing nets. Split into 3 zones based on customer need, these comprehensive products will provide a tough barrier matting solution.

  • Zone 1 - Outdoors - The Approach - The forgotten area before the building entrance should work to reduce the amount of work your well mat has to do. Our Obex Vinyl or Obex Mono starts the cleaning process early by tackling dirt and water here.

    Product solution: Obex Vinyl and/or Obex Mono modular scraper system.

  • Zone 2 - Indoors - Recessed Mat Wells or Surface Mounted - Nobody enters or leaves without using the entrance matwell, meaning any product needs to combine dirt-scraping and moisture-retaining to minimise floor damage and safety issues. Using rigid Obex Vinyl or absorbent Obex Mono with Obex Cut provides ideal floor protection here.

    Product solution: Obex Vinyl or Obex Mono with Obex Cut - a modular scraper and textile duo system.

  • Zone 3 - Indoors - Entrance Areas - Finally, the secondary entrance area after the mat well needs a suitable textile product to finish the cleaning off. The tough Obex Tile will do just that. This versatile product is also applicable for lifts, lobbies or anywhere else you want extra floor protection.

    Product solution: Obex Tile - modular textile carpet tile with cushion backing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Matwell?

    A matwell is where fixed installation flooring is fitted. It is generally a slightly recessed area in the entrance to a building.

  • What is barrier matting?

    Barrier matting is a general term used to describe fixed installation flooring that seeks to prevent dirt and water entering your building. Proper barrier matting should be able to deal with the outdoor contaminants that will dirty your building on a daily basis.

  • How do you clean a built in door mat?

    Fixed installation mats can be cleaned with a vacuum daily to preserve their aesthetics, but to fully clean them you need to use specialist equipment such as our sister company Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can offer.

  • Where can these products be fitted?

    Thanks to our PVC edging and the addition of Obex Tile, we can fit these Obex products in a wide variety of buildings and locations.

  • How long are the products under warranty for?

    All products are covered by a 5 year warranty.

  • What happens if the products need replacing?

    Due to the modular tile structure, individual broken tiles can be easily replaced, saving you money by removing the need to replace the whole area.

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