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As the Experts in Hygiene since 1903 healthy hands is high up on our agenda. Hand drying is a key step in ensuring strong hand hygiene standards.

Our range of hand dryers offers hygienic and quick hand drying. From entry level to high end brands we offer something to suit every budget.

HEPA filters for maximum hygiene are a feature in many of our hand dryers for those where hygiene is paramount in today's challenging world. As well as hygienic solutions energy efficiency is high on our agenda from both a sustainability and annual running cost perspective. In addition, our innovative Plug and Play solutions make repair / replacement and upgrade straightforward.

We offer installation and service options as well as direct sale options to meet all requirements. Our comprehensive range of electric hand dryers means we can provide you with the most suitable products at a competitive price for your customers.

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Explore our hand dryer range

Our extensive range of electric hand dryers are available to buy or rent. Spanning from cost-effective hands-under to premium hands-in blade and jet options, we have the air hand dryer to suit your budget and requirements.

Veltia V7-300

Veltia’s innovative hands-in dryer with ZeroGel is the next generation in hand drying.

Dyson Airblade V

The high performance Dyson Airblade V is ideal for anyone looking for a supremely efficient and hygienic blade dryer.

Dyson Airblade 9kJ

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ is a fast, energy efficient HEPA filtered hand dryer.

Luna Dry

Easy to install, efficient and durable, the Luna Dry will move your washroom into the future.

Luna Mini Dry

A compact, high quality, low-cost hand dryer that would be a stunning finish to any washroom.


Another of our recent additions, the Quiet Mark accredited F7 manages to deliver an incredibly hygienic hand dry in a cost-effective way.

Total Hand Drying Solution

Hand dryers are a great way to improve hygiene standards in your premise, but it is important to consider the surrounding area as well. An antibacterial AirGuard backboard and Hand Dryer Mat combination here will prevent the spread of germs and keep your floor free from water damage.

Initial Hand Dryer Service Options

After our trained representative has assessed your specific requirements, they will use this information to help you choose the right hand dryer for your business. Many of our electric hand dryers are available on both outright purchase and serviced contracts, depending on your preference.

Full service

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Outright purchase

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  • Equipment ownership

Achieve proper hand hygiene in three steps

1. Handwashing

The first step in the hand hygiene process is proper handwashing. Using soap while adhering to our handwashing guide will remove a large amount of pathogens from your hands.

See our range of soaps and take the first step towards better hand hygiene.

Download our hand hygiene poster: Recommended hand hygiene steps to prevent the spread of viruses

2. Hand Drying

Even when you’ve managed to wash away any hand pathogens with soap, you need to remove residual moisture to stop them from reappearing. If you leave the washroom with wet hands then you create a breeding ground for the same pathogens to re-emerge.

Our range of hand drying options spans from traditional roller and paper towels all the way to ultra-hygienic hand dryers with in-built air filters.

3. Hand Sanitising

Finally, when your hands have been properly washed and dried, apply hand sanitiser for extra protection. This will prevent your hands from quickly becoming a pathogen hotspot.

To cope with the recent unprecedented spike in demand, we have made a number of new additions to our hand sanitiser range. This ensures that we can help to safeguard the nation’s hand hygiene.

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Hand Dryers: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are hand dryers?

    Hand dryers are devices found in washrooms that use electricity to dry hands. They function by blowing air, either warm or cool, to remove moisture after handwashing.

  • What types of Hand Dryers are available?

    There are various types of hand dryers, each offering unique features and advantages:

    • Traditional Hands-Under Dryers: Users place their hands under the nozzle for drying. They are easy to use and suitable for various washroom settings. Our VERDEdri, F7, Dyson Airblade V and Luna Dry models are hands-under dryers.
    • Hands-In Dryers: Users insert their hands into a chamber for faster drying and thus improved hygiene, such as our Veltia V7-300.
    • Blade hand Dryers: High-speed blades offer a quick dry time. These types of units are perfect for high-traffic areas. See our Dyson Airblade V and Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryers.
    • Jet Dryers: Produce powerful air streams for quick moisture removal. Jet hand dryers, such as the Veltia V7-300 commercial hand dryer are ideal for high-traffic business environments.
    • Compact Dryers: Offer efficient hand drying in a compact size, great for where space is limited, for instance, our Luna Mini Dry unit.

  • How should I choose a hand dryer?

    Consider factors such as drying speed, energy efficiency, noise level, and hygienic features. The best choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the setting in which the dryer will be used.

    See our guidelines on what factors to consider when choosing the right hand dryer for your business.

  • What are the benefits of Hand Dryers?

    Electric hand dryers offer various benefits, particularly from an eco-friendly, cost-effective and hygienic perspective:

    • Cost Savings: Hand dryers eliminate the ongoing expense of purchasing and restocking paper towels, resulting in significant long-term cost savings. By investing in energy efficient air hand dryers that use less electricity, such as our Luna range, you also save on your electricity bill.
    • Environmental Sustainability: By reducing paper waste and energy consumption, hand drying machines contribute to environmental conservation efforts and promote sustainability.
    • Improved Hygiene: High-performance hand dryers equipped with HEPA filters, such as our Dyson hand dryers, effectively remove bacteria and viruses from the air, enhancing hygiene standards in washrooms.
    • Convenience and Efficiency: Units that provide quick dry times enhance user experience in busy facilities.
    • Space-saving Design: Compact models, like the hands-under Dyson Airblade V save valuable space in washroom layouts, allowing for efficient use of available square footage.
    • Various options available: With a wide range of models and features available, businesses can choose the right hand dryer that best suits their specific requirements and preferences.

  • How hygienic are hand dryers?

    Automatic hand dryers are sensor-activated, reducing the need to touch surfaces and lowering the risk of spreading germs. Many of our models such as our Luna Dry range and our VERDEdri models contain an antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria ensuring an added level of hygiene in your washroom.

    Hand dryers that contain a HEPA filter help to remove bacteria from the air that they use to dry your hands. Both of the Dyson hand dryers, as well as our Luna Dry and VERDEdri units, have built-in HEPA filters.

    Making sure hands are not wet prevents potential germs from escaping from the washroom. We recommend using hand sanitiser after drying hands to achieve extra protection.

    For more information on the hygiene merits of commercial hand dryers, see our guide for how you can create a safer washroom.

  • Do hand dryers save money?

    Running costs vary between different makes and models. Newer models, such as the Luna Dry, are more energy efficient, costing as little as £17 per year to run*. Older, less energy efficient electric hand dryers may cost upwards of £30 a month to run, so our newer dryers can help you save money in the long run.

    Although the initial cost of hand dryers is higher compared to paper towel dispensers, they are typically more cost-effective over time. This is because of the reduced operational costs of restocking and disposing of paper towels.

    *All calculations worked out on our highest settings. Based on 150 uses per day, 250 days per annum. Electricity cost charged at £0.34 per kwh.

  • Do hand dryers use a lot of electricity?

    This depends on the make and model; some electric hand dryers have a high wattage requirement which means that they will use more energy, while modern hand dryers are designed to be more energy efficient. Drying hands with warm air will require more power versus cold air hand dryers, which will require less electricity.

    For instance, our Luna Dry model uses 300W on the cool air setting, while its warm setting will use 700W. More robust units used in high-traffic washrooms will consume more energy than smaller, more compact units, or modules used in areas that receive less usage.

  • Are hand dryers better than paper towels?

    The hygiene levels of hand dryers versus paper towels is often a debated topic. Paper towels and hand dryers offer different benefits so it is impossible to say one is objectively “better”. This depends on the requirements of your business, such as energy efficiency, financial, environmental and usage considerations. If you wish to compare our dryers with our paper towels, see our paper towel range.

  • What is the lifespan of a hand dryer?

    Entering into a service contract will ensure that you always have a working commercial hand dryer as we will repair any faults. How long a hand dryer will last for is dependent on a number of factors, including daily usage. We have a range of durable units, including the Luna Dry, which lasts for 5000 hours of use.