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Dental Waste Removal

Amalgam Waste Disposal

Meet Legal Compliance with an Initial Amalgam Separator

To ensure that your dental practice meets current amalgam waste disposal legislation, Initial Medical’s BSI-accredited amalgam separator prevents hazardous discharge entering your surgery’s waste water stream.

Providing Seamless Connectivity to your Dental Practice

Initial’s reliable Pure Motion® amalgam separator is intuitively designed with no moving parts for the safe extraction of amalgam waste, achieving up to 99.8% removal from your waste water stream.

Our Pure Motion® amalgam separator has been manufactured with simple ‘plug and play’ fixtures and fittings to seamlessly retrofit against your dental practice’s existing wastewater systems.

Regular Support by Expert Technicians

As part of your service agreement, you will receive a professional installation from one of Initial’s highly trained dental engineers without requiring downtime to your practice. We will then replace your amalgam separator at regular service intervals to supporting your business needs.

Amalgam Separator
  • 99.8% amalgam particulate is removed
  • BS ISO EN 111:43 Approved
  • Sedimentation separation for reliable & continuous operation
  • Suitable for all types of suction system
  • Retrofittable to existing suction pumps
  • No surgery down time
  • No maintenance and trouble-free
  • 100% recyclable


Why Use an Amalgam Separator?

Dirty Sink Image

The disposal of wastes into water systems is known as ‘waste water discharge’, and is subject to controls that are set by the UK’s 12 water and sewerage undertakers.

Healthcare organisations in particular often requires amalgam separation services. This is because they conduct procedures which can result in the discharge of various items and substances into sewerage systems.

While most waste water from dental practices is already subject to a number of regulations, this guidance has a particular impact on ‘dirty sinks’ in practices. It aims is to reduce the amount of amalgam, and subsequently mercury, reaching the sewerage system.

If you are using your dirty sink for cleaning procedures that involved mercury or amalgam contaminated equipment an amalgam separator should be fitted.

To meet amalgam waste compliance today, talk with an Initial expert now.

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