Lateral Flow Waste Disposal

Lateral Flow Testing & Waste Disposal

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Lateral Flow Testing and Waste Disposal

Lateral flow tests are categorised as chemical waste by The Department of Health under the European Waste Codes (EWC) 18 01 07 and 18 01 04 (Scotland EWC 20 01 99). The lateral flow devices cannot be mixed with other waste types and must be incinerated.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) used to conduct the lateral flow tests is categorised as offensive waste (England & Wales EWC 18 01 04) and should be stored separately from the lateral flow test kits in the black and yellow stripe waste stream.

With the vast majority of waste disposal and treatment centres across the UK currently at capacity due to the extra PPE waste being generated, Initial has secured additional capacity at several disposal sites, to ensure it can help to meet the anticipated demand for the disposal of used lateral flow test kits.

We also have created a selection of colour coded-waste management posters to aid correct waste segregation on your site. You can download our colour code posters here.

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What are lateral flow tests?

Lateral flow tests give results within 30 minutes, without the need for any involvement of laboratory testing.

These tests are to be used by asymptomatic individuals in order to cut transmission levels among carriers of Coronavirus who show no symptoms. The test is self-administered and is therefore easy to organise in your workplace.

According to NHS England, those on your site or in your workplace should be taking a test twice a week; speak to your local Initial expert about the amount of waste storage you will need for used lateral flow test kits.

We offer a variety of lateral flow waste disposal services to suit all requirements. Whether you are a school or college looking to conduct staff testing or a business trying to get your staff back to work safely, we have the right solution for you.

All of our services are fully compliant with UK Government directives and allow you to safely dispose of lateral flow tests and the associated PPE waste.

Collections from a centralised storage point by Initial Medical

Central storage point collections

Alternatively, we can pick up your lateral flow waste from a central storage point, such as an outside wheelie bin or storage room.

  • If you want to remove your lateral flow testing waste from your testing room to a safely contained storage area, this will be the ideal solution.
  • We have a full range of bin sizes to suit your expected lateral flow test waste requirements, from 240 litres to 1100 litres.
  • Our Service Technicians will collect your lateral flow waste with no trouble and in a compliant manner, protecting you from changing UK Government regulations.

Collections at the point of use by Initial Washroom Hygiene

Collections at the point of use

You can choose to have our trained Customer Delivery Representatives service your internal test and PPE bins on a pre-agreed schedule. To ensure your waste can be segregated in line with UK Government guidance, we offer two PPE bins for every one used test bin.

  • Our Customer Delivery Representatives collect the waste directly from these bins, allowing you to safely dispose of potentially infectious items with minimal contact.
  • Both units have an antibacterial coating and foot pedal operation to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • We offer variable service frequencies to match your waste requirements.
  • All of the collected waste is processed in Waste-To-Energy facilities.