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Sharps Disposal

InSafe Sharps Safety System

Safe disposal of sharps

To help you comply with government legislation, Initial provides the specially designed InSafe Sharps Safety System. This is an unique sharps and syringes disposal box to ensure the contaminated needle is never exposed except when giving the actual injection. The InSafe Sharps Safety System offers complete protection for employees and patients.

The syringe feels and aspirates just like a traditional syringe ensuring there will be no interruptions to your dental practices when introducing our safety system.

  • Reusable syringe with protective sheath which helps prevent needlestick injuries from start to end of procedure
  • Easy and safe needle disposal with InSafe sharps container
  • Interchangeable aspiration and handle options
  • Works with all standard dental needles
  • Can be fully dismantled for sterilisation
  • Ensures waste segregation at point of disposal
  • Safe needle disposal for up to 250 needles in 1litre capacity sharps container
  • Compliant with UK legislation


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InSafe Syringe Disposal System