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Offensive Waste

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Offensive Waste Disposal

Offensive waste is non-infectious, non-hazardous and requires segregation and disposal in line with stringent waste legislation. At Initial Medical, we provide an industry-leading waste management service, including specialist products designed to safely and cleanly contain your offensive waste.

Yellow tiger bags are required for offensive waste disposal to comply with current regulations. Initial Medical will support your business with our durable colour-coded offensive waste bags and outdoor wheelie bins to ensure your waste is clearly identifiable and segregated.

Our service options

We provide a range of offensive waste disposal services, including:

  • Offensive waste bags, bag ties and bins
  • Lockable wheelie waste bins - available in various sizes, with and without drop fronts
  • Rear-end loaders - specialist waste vehicles designed specifically for offensive waste collection at care homes

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Why choose Initial Medical?

Throughout the UK, healthcare facilities place their trust in Initial Medical to provide an efficient and reliable offensive waste management service.

We provide a free compliance auditing survey which supports site managers and owners with a waste management plan, making sure all regulatory controls are in place relating to the segregation and disposal of healthcare waste.

We employ service technicians across the whole of the UK, meaning you will have a local expert at hand to offer you a bespoke offensive waste collection.

All of our technicians are equipped with an ADR licence, allowing them to transport dangerous waste safely and to the satisfaction of regulatory bodies.

1. Contact

Contact us and a member of our expert Initial Medical team will be in touch.

  • Trusted, local consultants
  • Enquiries are returned within 24 hours

2. Survey

We will visit your practice and carry out a comprehensive review of your waste management structure.

  • A free survey from a specialist Initial Medical consultant
  • A bespoke service schedule based on your needs
  • Full guidance on your waste legislation requirements

3. Installation

Our expert technicians will carry out a thorough installation service or provide the required containers if no installation is required.

  • An appointment scheduled at a time to suit you
  • Specialist guidance on how to use and manage your new containers
  • Minimal disruption to your healthcare practice

4. Service

Your local expert technician will service your waste based on your bespoke service agreement.

  • Hands-on support from your local Initial Medical consultant
  • Servicing tailored to suit your business's schedule
  • 24/7 access to service documents through myInitial
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