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Offensive Waste Collection

Offensive Waste

Non-hazardous waste removal

Offensive waste is non-hazardous but still requires special labelling, storage and disposal. Even for non-hazardous materials, there are still stringent requirements for how such waste must be labelled, stored, collected and treated.

We can provide you with all necessary consumables for the packaging of offensive waste and incontinence waste. These are colour-coded and available in various shapes and sizes to suit you.

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Supporting you - Healthcare Services

Throughout the UK, facilities place their trust in us to provide an efficient and reliable waste management service. We have developed a range of specialised services which support management and owners with the compliance of all regulatory controls relating to the management of offensive waste.

This in-turn helps create a safer environment for staff and residents where healthcare waste is produced. We have one of the largest ADR compliant fleets in the UK, which provides a bespoke service tailored to your individual needs.


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