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Medical Supplies & Consumables

We understand that a well-stocked medical supplies cupboard is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Therefore, it’s important that your infection control products and protective equipment are fully replenished.

As the one-stop shop for all of your medical consumables, we offer a wide range of quality clinical and non-clinical products that also help to ensure your compliance with relevant legislation.

Our extensive collection includes hand hygiene products and clinical consumables to help prevent the spread of infection. Furthermore, our wide range of day-to-day hygiene supplies, PPE and medical spill kits are a necessary part of any workplace environment.

Navigate to the section you require; Hand Hygiene, Hand Drying, Hand Sanitiser and Surface Disinfection, Toilet Tissue, Protective Equipment, Waste Management or Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies. Ready to buy? Choose how to purchase here.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene and infection control are very closely linked to one another. In order to control the spread of infection in your healthcare environment, ensure the hands touch as few surfaces possible and are kept clean. We have a comprehensive range of high-quality handwashing and hand drying solutions that are suitable for all handwashing environments, including dental sinks and treatment rooms.

Initial No Touch Signature Dispensers

Our No Touch soap dispensers come in white or silver and have an antimicrobial coating to prevent cross contamination. The lack of contact between the user and the dispenser helps prevent the transfer of pathogens from one user to the next.

You choose your soap preference from our range of foam and liquid soaps, including our antibacterial soaps. Our soaps are contained within single-use pouches, removing the chance of bacteria contamination within the soap that tends to occur through the use of refillable pouches.

Initial Antibacterial Handwash

Our foam and liquid handwashes are perfume and dye free and kill 99.99% of bacteria. Contained within single-use pouches advised by the NHS.

Initial Handwash

Our Natural Fresh and Sensitive soaps are mild to suit daily handwashing. Dermatologically tested and pH-friendly. EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certified.

Initial Moisturising Cream

Our nourishing and moisturising liquid hand cream is dermatologically tested and available in 375ml singe-use pouches as advised by the NHS.

Hand Drying

Keeping the hands dry is an important part of the infection control process. Supported by studies carried out by University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, paper towels are a great solution for all healthcare environments as they remove more missed pathogens during handwashing than hand dryers. We offer reliable delivery on a wide range of paper towels, as well as a choice of dispensers.

Initial Signature Hand Towel Dispensers

A part of our Signature range, these units inhibit antibacterial growth and dispense individual sheets in order to reduce waste and hygienically seal unused items.

Initial Centrefeed Dispenser

We have designed this white plastic dispenser to endure, so you can continue to dispense centrefeed rolls for as long as you need to. The economical and versatile choice for spaces with high traffic.

Initial Autocut Hand Towel Dispenser

Cased in our Signature antibacterial technology, this dispenser automatically cuts the next sheet, creating a great hand drying experience with reduced waste.

Hand Towels

Choose from our Luxuy C Fold, Initial I Fold and Tork White hand towels to fulfill your hand and surface hygiene needs.

Centrefeed Rolls

Our Northwood, Esfina and Initial Centrefeed rolls are easy to extract and an economical solution to surface cleaning and hand drying.

Initial Autocut Rolls

Autocut sheets combine with our Initial Autocut Dispenser to create a quick and easy wasy to dry your hands.

Hand Sanitiser and Surface Disinfection

Using hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants throughout your premises will reduce the spread of pathogens via hand transmission and the growth of bacteria on surfaces, lowering the risk of infection to your patients, staff and customers.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

This versatile 1L No Touch dispenser is hands-free, meaning users avoid contact with the unit and unwanted pathogens. The dispenser releases our Initial Alcohol Hand Sanitiser automatically, which is effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens. The sanitiser evaporates quickly to leave the hands feeling dry and fresh.

UltraProtect™ Dispensers

Our UltraProtect™ 1L No Touch Dispensers contain our UltraProtect™ hand sanitiser, killing 99.99% of pathogens and providing eight hours of continuous protection.

Byotrol Surface Wipes

Byotrol wipes allow you to quickly and easily disinfect and protect both your hands and surfaces from pathogens.

Steri-7 Surface Disinfectant

Our Steri-7 Xtra trigger sprays and dosing bottles have a rapid kill rate and maintain their efficacy in heavy organic soiling, blood and proteins.

Mayflower Surface Wipes

Keep your surfaces free of pathogens with our alcohol surface sanitising wipes. These wipes are effective against MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella and E-Coli.

Toilet Tissue

Save time and money with our toilet tissue solutions. Choose your dispenser to suit your healthcare washroom and match with a toilet tissue of your choice, it's that simple!

Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser

Our twin dispensers are one of our most popular products. Covered by our Signature range’s integral antibacterial coating, these dispensers inhibit the growth of bacteria and hold two high capacity 100m twin rolls.

This option is perfect for doctor's and dental surgeries, beauticians and similar premise types that may have limited washroom space because of it's compact size.

Your toilet roll refill is kept inside the casing, safe and secure from moisture and washroom bacteria that cling to open-air toilet tissue.

Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser

For washrooms with a higher traffic of visitors. As part of our Signature range, the integral antibacterial coating reduces the risk of infection spread.

Jumbo Roll Refills

Our high capacity Initial and Tork jumbo toilet rolls are ideal for higher traffic washrooms, reducing the frequency of necessary replenishments.

Twin Roll Refills

Our selection of twin roll refills fit nicely into our twin toilet roll dispensers, providing a high capacity that lasts longer than you might think.

Protective Equipment

Our consumables range includes our specialist healthcare PPE, protecting your patients, staff and customers in healthcare environments where the chance of infection spread is high. We provide PPE to meet the strictest of healthcare standards, covering wearers from head to toe in protective equipment.

Glove Range

Choose the disposable gloves to fit your practice. We have a wide selection of vinyl gloves, latex gloves and nitrile gloves that are suitable for all professions, from dentists and nurses to beauticians and tattooists.

With regular, reliable deliveries direct to your door and access to our expert customer care team, you can rest assured that a consistent supply of well-known products is always available.

You can secure bulk orders of 10 boxes of 100 from extra small to extra large sizes to ensure a healthy disposable glove stock is kept.

Initial Apron Dispenser

Ensure your disposable aprons are installed at the point of use with our apron dispensers, combined with our disposable apron roll.

Initial Couch Roll Dispenser

Make sure couch roll is easily accessible and kept hygienically covered with our couch roll dispenser, combined with our 20-inch couch roll.

Other Healthcare PPE

There's more PPE for you to discover, including facemasks, safety goggles and much more. View our brochure below for a full list of our PPE range.

Waste Management

Ensure you handle your waste safely. We have a host of products that compliment our expert clinical and sharps waste services for you to choose from to ensure your premise is prepared.

Drug Denaturing Kits

100% drug destruction, including those containing morphine, within 24 hours with our controlled drug denaturing kits. Available from 250ml to 4L.

Postcode Embossed Bag Ties

Guarantee full traceability of the waste generated from your site to comply with waste legislation, available in packs of 1,000.

Medical Spill Kits

Protect your staff, customers and patients from cytotoxic materials, mercury spills and biohazard spills with our comprehensive kit range.

Sanitary Bags

Our lady strung sanitary disposable bags are made entirely of paper and match our sanitary bag dispenser so you can provide sanitary bags at the point of use.

Red Laundry Bag

A laundry bag with a soluble seam. An ideal bag for soiled laundry and, once used, is machine washable.

Waste Bags

Make sure you have the right bag for the right waste type. We provide fragranced nappy bags, recycled black sacks, clear sacks and red laundry bags.

Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies

Having the correct equipment and following the national colour coding scheme for cleaning materials and equipment can support other efforts made to control infection in your healthcare envrionment.

Mops and Mopheads

Consider the colour choice before purchasing a mop in order to avoid confusion and allow unwanted pathogens into spaces such as food preparation spaces and public areas.

The national colour coding scheme for hospital cleaning materials and equipment on the right-hand side is vital for healthcare practices to follow, but also a good guide for other businesses to adopt as best practice.

Our aluminium mop handles are a screw fit to match our mophead range and include a colour coded grip to help avoid cross contamination. Attach our colour coded twine and PY mopheads, guaranteed at a weight of 160g.


As experts within the healthcare waste industry, we understand the importance of hygiene within healthcare premises, including keeping your floors squeaky clean. In order to easily clean your floors, buckets are a necessity.

Our bucket range includes those on three-inch castors with a centrally located bucket handle, making it easy to lift and empty. These buckets are available in red, blue and yellow and all choices have a 20L capacity.

If you are looking for a traditional yellow bucket, we provide a sturdy bucket with a 9L capacity and a durable handle.

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