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Medical Consumables & Supplies

As the experts in healthcare waste management, we understand that a well-stocked cleaning cupboard is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Therefore it’s important that your infection control and cleaning supplies are fully replenished.

The one stop shop for all of your consumable supplies, we offer an extensive range of clinical and non-clinical products that help ensure your compliance with relevant legislation, providing the reassurance that exposure to potentially harmful medical environments, such as body fluid spills, are reduced. Our wide selection of essential items ranges from hand hygiene products and clinical consumables to help prevent the spread of infection within your organisation through to an extensive choice of day-to-day hygiene supplies and first aid kits that are a necessary part of any workplace environment.

Our selection includes our new PPE range, protecting your staff in environments where the chance of infection spread is high. We provide PPE to meet the strictest of healthcare standards covering wearers from head to toe in protective equipment.

We also have a wide range of gloves available that are suitable for all professions, from dentists and nurses, to beauticians and tattooists. With regular, reliable deliveries direct to your door and access to our expert customer services team, you can rest assured that a consistent supply of well known branded products is always available.

Our dedicated teams provide help and advice on all of our products as we aim to make ordering your medical consumables as simple as possible.

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Wide range of gloves to suit all professions

Latex gloves range includes:

  • Lano-E Latex
  • Peppermint Scented Green Lano-E Latex
  • Select Black Latex
  • Unicare Latex Clear
  • Unicare Latex
  • Supergrip Latex Clear

Vinyl gloves range includes:

  • Unigloves Vinyl Clear
  • Unigloves Vinyl Blue
  • Unicare Vinyl
  • Premium Vinyl Clear
  • Premium Vinyl Blue

Nitrile gloves range includes:

  • Kooltouch Nitrile Blue
  • Unicare Nitrile
  • Unicare Black Pearl Nitrile
  • Unicare Pink Pearl Nitrile
  • Kooltouch Lano-E Nitrile
  • Unitrile - Nitrile & Vinyl

Disposable surgical face mask

  • Blue ear loop, latex free
  • Integrated nose bridge
  • One size
  • 10 x 50 per box

Janitorial colour coding

Green: Public areas – such as lobbies, receptions and hallways

Red: Washroom and toilets – including shower rooms and bathrooms

Blue: Restaurant and bar – including dining areas and cafe lounges

Yellow: Kitchens and food stations – any area where food is kept or prepared