waste segregation colour coding guide

Colour Coding Guide

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Colour Coding Guide

The correct onsite segregation of clinical waste is vital to ensure compliance with government regulations. Initial Medical follow The Department of Health’s Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Memorandum, which outlines a best practice waste segregation colour coding scheme for producers of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

To ensure businesses are fully aware of their waste management requirements and how best to maintain waste streams, we provide a free set of colour coding posters to make this information digestible and accessible. With a different poster provided for each waste stream, you will also have the choice of two different styles; either a standard colour coded poster or a fun character style, making it even easier for staff to remember how different types of waste are classified.

Stay Informed about Waste Management

Incorrectly managed clinical waste can pose risks to staff and patients, as well as failing to comply with waste disposal legislation. At Initial Medical, our specialist waste disposal service provides you with expert guidance from our trusted technicians and consultants, helping you to stay compliant. Our clinical waste segregation posters are an additional resource to keep your business informed. Learn more about different waste streams below, and request your free copy of our clinical waste posters.


Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposed through red waste stream

Clinical Highly Infectious

Hazardous waste disposed through yellow waste stream

Clinical Infectious

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposed through orange waste stream

Cytotoxic & Cytostatic

Hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic waste disposed through purple waste stream

Dental (Amalgam)

Toxic amalgam waste disposed through white dental waste stream

Dental (Gypsum)

Non-hazardous gypsum waste disposed through white dental waste stream


Non-hazardous waste disposed through blue waste stream

Mixed Municipal

Various waste types disposed through black or other colour council supplied waste bins


Non-hazardous waste disposed through yellow and black tiger waste stream

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