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Dental Waste Containers

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Dental Waste Containers

Initial’s range of dental waste containers are UN-approved and designed for the safe storage of each dental waste stream.

All of our PureGuard™ dental amalgam waste containers include a unique mercury vapour suppressant inside our high-quality, robust containers. This minimises your exposure to dangerous mercury vapours.

Mercury vapour is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Our PureGuard™ technology uses colour to demonstrate when mercury vapours have been absorbed within the container. This keeps your practice safe and compliant prior to collection by one of Initial Medical's expert local technicians.

Make sure that your dental practice meets legislation and mercury exposure limits - contact us or call 0800 030 4005 to speak to an Initial Medical expert now.

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Our Dental Waste Container Range

Dental Amalgam Chair

The first of our PureGuard™ dental waste containers safely stores leftover amalgam from fillings. You can also use these containers to store metals contaminated with amalgam, such as matrix bands.

These containers are air and watertight once sealed, removing at least 95% of mercury vapours with the help of our mercury vapour suppressant technology.

The contents of the amalgam chair box are 100% recycled.

Dental Bridges and Crowns

Our PureGuard™ Bridges and Crowns containers store precious metals from patients' teeth. Mercury vapour is suppressed by at least 95% using our unique PureGuard™ technology.

Once collected, the contents of the container(s) are assessed, analysed and valued by experts against the latest metals price. The value is paid back to you quickly!

The remaining dental waste is 100% recycled.

Dental Capsules

Use our PureGuard™ Capsules waste containers to safely store your used dental amalgam capsules, dappens dishes and carrier tips. Plastic contaminated with amalgam is stored in these waste containers.

These containers are available in four different sizes, which can hold 300 capsules to 5,000 capsules. They also include our mercury vapour suppressant technology as standard, working with an air and wateright seal to remove over 95% of mercury vapours.

The contents of the containers are 100% recycled.

Sludge Drum

Our PureGuard™ Sludge Drums make sure that any aspirated waste is stored safely, such as waste items collected in filters and collector cups.

Our PureGuard™ Sludge Drums are air and watertight once sealed and range in size from 6.4L to 25L. These containers use our mercury vapour suppressant technology to remove at least 95% of mercury vapours.

100% of it's contents are recycled.

Dental Tooth Box

Safely store any extracted tooth filled by amalgam within our PureGuard™ Tooth Box.

As a PureGuard™ waste container, at least 95% of the mercury within the container is suppressed. A zip wire seal traps air and water within the Tooth Box, stopping germs and smells from escaping.

The box contents are 100% recycled.

X-Ray Package and Lead Foils

Photographic fixer and developer must be disposed of carefully. This is because these products often contain acids and alkalis that are hazardous to the wider environment.

Stored within our liquid containers, potential damage to the ecosystem is averted. These containers are available in 10L and 20L sizes.

Our PureGuard™ range supplies 6.5L containers for the lead foil used in the photographic x-ray.

Initial Medical's Certified Mercury Vapour Suppressant

Mercury is an important element in UK dentistry and is still widely used despite concerns around its toxicity. Here is the science behind how we help you with the dangers of mercury.

Mercury Vapour Suppressant

The largest workplace concentration of mercury vapours allowed in the air, recommended by the World Health Organisation, is 50 μg/m.

Initial's mercury suppressant exceeds the guidelines, keeping your dental practice safe.