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Veterinary Waste Disposal

Your veterinary practice or animal care unit on a typical day will produce lots of different types of waste. All waste types must be disposed of correctly under clinical waste and animal by-product regulations.

Initial Medical will work closely with you to take the stress and confusion of waste segregation away. Our expert consultants will carry out a free onsite survey at your practice.  Your veterinary waste will be handled by our waste technicians safely, efficiently, and with full legal compliance. Get in touch to find out all you need to know about our veterinary waste services.

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The different types of waste in your veterinary practice

Some waste types in your veterinary practice will be hazardous, presenting a potential danger to your staff, owners and furry patients alike.

Clinical waste must be segregated correctly. The use of items such as swabs, animal bedding and glass bottles or vials generate clinical waste, as well as the use of PPE during procedures. Syringes, needles and other single-use sharp objects used during standard procedures must be stored safely, out of harm's reach.

Key legislation sets out the requirements for the collection, storage, transport, treatment, use and disposal of clinical waste, sharps waste, animal-by products and PPE. Are you aware of the legislation your veterinary practice has to meet? We guide you through the segregation and storage of your animal by-product waste. We also make sure your waste is correctly disposed of to keep you compliant.

Key legislation for veterinary waste

  • Article 21 of Regulation (EC) 1069/2009

    This article outlines how swiftly veterinary waste must be collected, identified and disposed of. This is to protect the health of animals and the public who are in close proximity to your practice.

    How swift does the removal of waste need to be? This is left to interpretation. The guidance attached to this article gives two examples: A farmer having fallen stock collected every few days; and a retail shop having a weekly out-of-date food collection.

    Animal by-products are to be transported in leak-proof containers. If you have different categories of animal by-product in your vet, you will need containers specific to each category.

    More on animal by-product categories.

  • Duty of Care - Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34

    Vets are held to the same legislation as other businesses. Therefore, it is time well spent to learn the lengths you should go to in your practice to comply with the Environmental Protection Act.

    The Duty of Care section states that your waste on your site is your responsibility at all times. As a veterinary practice, you have a responsibility to:

    • Prevent potentially harmful deposit, disposal and treatment of waste
    • Make sure any waste companies you work with have the correct authorisation
    • Prevent any other person to fail to meet the environmental permit requirement, or a breach of a permit condition
    • Describe your waste properly when handed over to a waste disposal service, such as Initial Medical
    • Prevent waste escaping from your control and ending up in the natural environment

    You can find out more about our the Duty of Care in our blog article.

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