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Coronavirus Waste Management

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Coronavirus Infectious Waste Management

Initial Medical is supporting healthcare facilities throughout the UK with the collection and disposal of waste contaminated or potentially contaminated with coronaviruses.

We are focused on protecting healthcare environments and can provide a specialist disinfection of premises to help prevent the spread of coronavirus infections. 

Key to our operations is keeping our customers compliant with the complex legislation surrounding clinical waste. As experts in the collection and disposal of healthcare waste, we adhere to all NHS and legislative guidelines.

Correct Hazardous Waste Management

Under the Government guidance “COVID-19: Guidance for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings”, any waste generated from a possible or a confirmed case of coronavirus must be disposed of as Category B waste. 

This is identified as Orange-stream infectious waste, which is waste known or suspected to contain pathogens in Category B suitable for disposal by alternative treatment. 

Any infectious waste produced, including gloves, aprons/overalls, face masks, paper towels, swabs, should be disposed of into UN3291 orange clinical waste bags and handled accordingly. There is currently no requirement to double-bag waste produced.

Products required when handling coronavirus waste

Protect Your Site with an All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection Service

Keeping your site, staff and visitors protected from the risk of infections is vital. Our Specialist Disinfection Services are an ideal solution to maintaining first-class hygiene levels. As a regular routine or one-off, we are able to carry out an all-purpose specialist disinfection of your site. 

Our all-purpose Specialist Disinfection Service includes a UVL disinfection with Steri-7, a high-level disinfectant suitable for healthcare environments, that kills 99.9999% of a broad range of pathogens and has been tested against feline coronavirus; a surrogate of coronavirus.  

This service utilises specially formulated micro-emulsion technology that applies an active barrier, which can persist and kill for hours afterward. Our suppliers Laboratory testing showed the barrier killing microbes (including pathogens) 72 hours after application.

Providing the barrier is not wiped away, our treatment provides residual protection and biosecurity reassurance between cleans.

Given the importance we attach to conducting our services safely and comprehensively, we will approach these disinfection projects with:

  1. The appropriate PPE clothing and RPE equipment.
  2. The capabilities to deploy ULV disinfection where necessary.
  3. Manual targeted touchpoint cleaning where required.
  4. Safe and legally compliant infectious or contaminated waste disposal.

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Coronavirus Testing Sites

We are supporting Coronavirus Testing Sites with their initial set up, ongoing clinical waste management and routine Specialist Disinfection services. 

With potential large volumes of visitors to these sites, the risk for cross-infection could be high. To reduce these risks, ensure that you have hand sanitisers available for both staff and visitors. It is also important to consider the cleaning and disinfection of touch points throughout your site. Our experienced team can provide a thorough all-purpose disinfection to your requirements.  

But what clinical waste provisions do you need to consider?

If you are carrying out swab or finger prick testing, your staff will be using a large variety of PPE including for example protective gowns, aprons, leg and arm covers, masks, gloves and visors, which will require disposal as clinical waste. This can be disposed of into either an orange clinical waste bag or into a rigid clinical container.

In addition, if you are carrying out finger prick tests, you will require a hazardous orange sharps container for the used needles.


Coronavirus Containment and Control Assistance

If you have any confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus on your premises, we can provide you with a Specialist Disinfection service at your premise.

Correct use of clinical waste bags

How to seal a clinical waste bag correctly:

  • 1 - Firstly, make sure you have a new clinical waste bag ready to exchange and make sure you are wearing the correct PPE, including new pair of dispoable gloves.

  • 2 - Exchange your bag when it is three-quarters full.

  • 3 - Remove your filled clinical waste bag from your bin and release any air to avoid the bag bursting.

  • 4 - Twist the top of the bag and secure via the swan-neck method.

  • 5 - Swan-neck method: double over the twisted section and either secure with a postcode bag tie or by knotting.

  • 6 - Postcode every bag prior to waste storage and transfer.

  • 7 - Replace with a new clinical waste bag, remove disposable gloves and place into the bottom of the new bag for disposal.

Customers we can support during the Coronavirus Crisis:

  • Coronavirus Testing Sites; building located and drive-through
  • NHS & Emergency Services
  • Care & Nursing Facilities, including hospices and supported housing
  • GPs & Healthcare Clinics
  • Funeral Homes & Crematoria
  • Dental Practices
  • Veterinary Practices