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Pharmaceutical Waste Bins

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Pharmaceutical Waste Bins and Disposal

Ensure the correct and safe method of disposal for medicinal waste with our pharmaceutical bins. Initial Medical’s UN-approved, blue and purple lidded units are colour coded to clearly segregate pharmaceutical waste from other waste streams.

Once your controlled drugs have been correctly denatured, simply place the filled units into one of our pharmaceutical bins ready for collection by the Initial team.

As required, we will also provide you with full documentation following each collection, ensuring your legal compliance and giving you peace of mind. Learn more about our pharmaceutical waste management service by contacting Initial Medical today for your free quote.

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Small Pharmaceutical Bin

Our new Small Eco Pharmi bin range are designed for the safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste in its original packaging, meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

Following the NHS Colour Coding Guide, we provide blue and purple lidded options; a blue lid for the disposal of standard pharmaceutical waste and a purple lid for the disposal of cytotoxic or cytostatic pharmaceutical waste.

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, our Eco Pharmi Range is the next evolution of container. You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability.

Large Pharmaceutical Bin

If you need to dispose of larger volumes of pharmaceutical waste, such as medicinal bottles, it may suit your practice to use our large pharmaceutical bins. These higher capacity bins can help you reduce both the number of bins required for disposal and the potentially hazardous overfilling when using smaller units.

As with our Eco Pharmi Range, our large pharmaceutical bins follow the NHS Colour Coding Guide in providing our bins with the option of blue and purple lids; a blue lid for the disposal of non-hazardous medicinal waste and a purple lid for the disposal of cytotoxic or cytostatic pharmaceutical waste.

A range of sizes and lid types are available to suit the needs of your practice.

Rigid Blue Cardboard Container

Our ultra-lightweight and easy-assemble cardboard containers are effortless to move and are flat-folded for onsite storage. These containers are lined with blue high-density polyethylene, suitable for the disposal of solid pharmaceutical waste.

Manufactured from 75% recycled cardboard, these cardboard containers are a sustainable solution whilst remaining the most reliable of containers to store pharmaceutical waste.

25L and 50L sizes are available to cater for the waste output of your practice.

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We understand the importance of looking after our customers. With Initial Medical, you gain a trusted local expert, carrying out scheduled collections and supporting your practice's compliance with electronic waste documentation. Ask your local expert what they can do for you.