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Anti Fatigue Mats

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Anti Fatigue Mats

In workplaces where long hours on hard surfaces are common, comfort and productivity are essential. Anti fatigue mats are designed to combat aches and pains by offering a cushioned solution for standing tasks. From reducing tiredness to promoting safety and productivity, anti fatigue mats help transform your workspace for the better.

What does an anti fatigue mat do?

Anti-fatigue mats ease the strain and discomfort of standing for long periods of time.

With their cushioning and support, these mats alleviate pressure on joints, muscles, feet, and the back, providing relief for those who stand for extended periods of time.

Initial's Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti fatigue mats from Initial

Our Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat offers both comfort and cushioning, effectively alleviating strain and discomfort

  • Made of non-slip durable natural rubber, which is 50% recycled
  • Suctioned backing minimises movement
  • Air domes provide cushioned support
  • Sizes available: 600 mm x 900 mm and 900 mm x 1500 mm
  • Maintenance: Easily cleaned with a damp cloth or mop
  • Ideal locations: Wherever people are standing in one spot for extended periods of time such as a production line, behind bars, in kitchens or behind desks, an anti fatigue mat is a great addition to any workspace.

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Reasons why anti fatigue matting is beneficial in workplaces

  • Improves blood circulation - The cushioning in anti fatigue floor mats encourages micro movements of leg muscles, which helps to improve circulation and thus blood flow in the lower body. This reduces swelling and discomfort that often come with standing at workstations, and on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

  • Higher levels of work efficiency - By enhancing comfort levels and reducing tiredness, anti fatigue mats can lead to increased productivity.

  • A safer environment - The non-slip surface provides traction and stability, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Because these anti fatigue mats are padded, they help to absorb shock.

  • Reduction of strain on muscles and joints - Standing on hard surfaces for a long time can contribute to pain in the lower back, feet, legs, and joints. By making ergonomic adjustments, such as practicing better posture and performing your work on a cushioned anti fatigue mat, you mitigate the risks of aches and pains.

  • Insulation against extreme temperatures - Whether you are stationed in very hot or very cold work areas, such as cold storage facilities or hot kitchens, anti fatigue mats can provide insulation against cold floors or serve as a barrier against heat.

  • Protects flooring - By forming a barrier between shoes and hard floors, these mats protect flooring from damage caused by footsteps, spills, and heavy objects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anti Fatigue Mats

  • What is the meaning of anti fatigue?

    Anti fatigue is a term that refers to something that intends to reduce fatigue. Anti fatigue mats help reduce tiredness by enhancing employee comfort and productivity in the workplace. Because of the support that this mat offers, blood circulation is improved, and the person standing on the mat makes more movements. This means that their posture is better, they are more comfortable, and they feel more energised, as opposed to standing on a hard surface for a long time.

  • What is an anti fatigue mat?

    An anti fatigue mat relieves the pressure on people’s feet, legs, back, and joints due to standing for long periods by providing cushioning support. By using anti fatigue matting at work, you ensure that your work spaces provide comfort and wellbeing, which prolongs efficiency.

  • Do anti fatigue mats actually work?

    The air domes mean that anti fatigue mats provide better padding than no mat or even textile mats. Research has shown that the inclined and softer surface offered by an anti fatigue mat can significantly reduce lower back pain.

  • How long do anti fatigue mats last?

    If properly maintained with regular cleaning then the durable rubber ensures our mat will last for a long time.