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Male Washroom Services

Improving the male washroom experience

At Initial Washroom Hygiene, we believe that washroom dignity is central to providing a hygienic, comfortable and inclusive space. By implementing effective washroom solutions, you can rest assured that your business is providing a dignified and hygienic environment. Remember, first impressions count!

Our research* indicates that 56% of male respondents are put off using public washrooms because of bad odours, with 60% being put off by public washrooms when they appear dirty or unclean.

We understand the challenges in men's washrooms and the importance of providing a positive experience. Unpleasant odours, unhygienic urinals and a lack of discreet options for the disposal of male incontinence products are just a few of the common issues that can negatively impact repeat visits. 75% of males surveyed said that the overall quality of their experience of a washroom influences how much they would be willing to spend with a business.*

Discover how you can revolutionise your male visitors’ washroom experience and create a lasting positive impression.

*Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of Initial Washroom Hygiene. 17-20 January 2023. 1000 Male UK adults.

Washroom dignity: Keeping it in the cubicle

Aircare solutions for fresh-smelling men’s washrooms

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