Lewis Moody Supporting Stalls for All campaign about male incontinence

Stalls for All

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Initial’s male incontinence campaign: Stalls for All

Until recently, male incontinence was a condition that has been rarely spoken about in the media, in the workplace or even amongst friends. Such is the stigma surrounding male incontinence, men with the condition can often feel fearful of leaving the house without knowledge of proper waste disposal facilities in place at their destination. This can lead to missed days at work, declined invitations and a negative impact on the sufferer's mental health.

To help break the stigma and raise awareness of incontinence in men, Lewis Moody MBE joined our ‘Stalls for All’ campaign in November 2022. Launched in partnership by Initial Washroom Hygiene and charity Bladder & Bowel UK, the campaign is working to deliver washroom dignity for everyone regardless of age, gender or need, by ensuring that they have access to adequate washroom facilities.

The 'Stalls for All' campaign calls for new legislation to make the provision of sanitary waste disposal facilities in all male, female, and gender neutral public washrooms mandatory, to support those suffering from continence-related issues.

Video - Lewis Moody speaks about his own experience of male incontinence

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Lewis Moody's experience with ulcerative colitis

"Suffering with incontinence was debilitating, but even more so was the taboo that surrounded talking about ‘toilet problems’ and the lack of sanitary waste facilities available.

"I was at the height of my career when I started experiencing problems. At first, I found it too embarrassing to speak to my teammates, friends and family about what I was going through, but when I did I felt more at ease and able to deal with it.

"Sadly people often think incontinence only affects older people, but it can affect people as young as 10. So it’s important that we create an environment where sufferers feel comfortable sharing their experiences and accessing the support they need. I hope this campaign ignites a nationwide conversation and helps to break down the stigma around incontinence."

The research behind 'Stalls for All'

Our research was undertaken by Opinium on behalf of Initial Washroom Hygiene. The survey sample was over 900 UK male adults. The survey was carried out online between 11th-12th April 2022.

  • Incontinence can affect both young and old

    Despite common views that incontinence is typically associated with older men and women, new research from Initial Washroom Hygiene reveals a higher figure of young UK males aged 18-34 are suffering compared to those over the age of 35.

    Half of sufferers (50%) are even afraid to leave their homes and are unwilling to discuss their condition with close friends or family.

  • Male sanitary bins are a necessity

    Nearly three in ten (29%) male incontinence sufferers have admitted that they have been forced to carry a used incontinence pad in their bag or coat due to a lack of sanitary waste disposal facilities.

  • Almost a third of the UK population experience bladder or bowel problems

    According to NHS England, an estimated 14 million people in the UK suffer with bladder problems and an estimated 6.5 million adults suffer with bowel problems.

Male Washroom Dignity

When faced with a washroom with a lack of sanitary waste disposal facilities, incontinence sufferers are left with the limited choice of attempting to flush their used items down the toilet or to continuing to carry their items around in public. For men, these items can range from shields to specially designed pants or pads.

Ensure your washrooms provide a dignified experience for users by making sure that sanitary waste bins are placed in all washroom toilet cubicles, male, female and gender neutral.

Initial Male Incontinence In Cubicle Dispenser

The latest in our men’s washroom hygiene range, our dispenser contains male incontinence products that support those with urinary incontinence, and can be accessed discreetly within the cubicle.

Both the incontinence pad and shield protector are designed to safeguard users’ dignity whilst protecting them from any stigma associated with male incontinence, whilst helping to provide a caring away-from-home washroom experience

Male incontinence pads and shields dispenser

Contains male bladder incontinence products that can be accessed discreetly within the cubicle

Our range of available refills that fit within our dispenser includes two urinary incontinence products from Tena which are:

  • Designed with a comfortable soft cup shape to fit male bodies
  • Dermatologically tested to make sure material is kind to skin
  • Offering triple protection from urine leaks, odour and moisture

Other refills include: Personal hygiene wipes and hygiene bags.

  • All refills come in bulk packs of 24 individual dispenser boxes apart from the wipes and bags.
  • The dispenser is available rental or outright sale, and the refills are available outright sale.
  • Please note: These bladder incontinence products can also be dispensed via the Period Dignity Cubicle dispenser, FreeVend and Coin-operated and Contactless vending machines.

TENA Men Active Fit Protective Shield

The protective shield is a male incontinence product designed to be extra thin and offers protection against lighter urine leaks or dribbles.

TENA Men Active Fit Absorbent Protector

This absorbent male incontinence pad offers reliable protection against symptoms such as urine leakage or light bladder weakness.

Our male incontinence pad and protector shield both provide 100% discreet protection, a secure absorption zone and triple protection from urine, odours and moisture.