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Initial Hair Dryer

Initial Hair Dryer is a fast, efficient handheld hair dryer that helps users create salon-perfect results, while also helping to protect both hair and scalp from long-term damage.

Features of the Initial Hair Dryer

An energy-efficient hair dryer that is securely positioned on a Magnetic Terra 5 Docking Station

  • Digital brushless motor: lasts 10 times longer than the standard hair dryer
  • Fast hair drying: dual air intake system accelerates hair drying with powerful, high-velocity airflow
  • Built-in negative ion generator: neutralises static and closes hair scales for frizz-free, shinier hair
  • Integrated intelligent temperature control: protects hair and scalp from long-term damage by preventing overheating and ensuring a gentle drying experience.
  • Noise reduction technology: a quiet hair drying experience
  • Magnetic Terra 5 Docking Station: an advanced hair dryer holder that keeps the hair dryer securely positioned - perfect for use in the hospitality and leisure sectors in particular.
  • Energy-efficient: Up to 55% more energy-efficient than old fashioned hair dryers
  • Power: 1400w
  • Voltage: 220-240v /50Hz
  • Annual running cost: £64 per annum VS £92 standard 'mainstream' hair dryer*
  • Accessories: Includes a magnetic styling nozzle
  • Available in Pearlescent White and Gunmetal Grey
  • Available for outright purchase.

*Based on comparison with 2kW hand dryer at £0.38/kWh, 2 activations per day and 365 days per annum.

1. Suitable for diverse hair types

Whether it's thick, thin, curly, or straight hair, the Initial Hair Dryer delivers quick and efficient drying, catering to diverse hair types and textures.

2. Negative ion generator technology

Unlock the secret to smooth, shiny, sleek hair with the Initial Hair Dryer's negative ion generator technology. Say hello to an anti-frizz solution, and welcome radiant locks with every use.

3. Adapting to optimal temperature

Achieve the perfect balance of heat and protection with the Initial Hair Dryer's intelligent temperature controls that prevent hair damage.

4. Advanced noise reduction

The Initial Hair Dryer leads the way with advanced noise reduction technology. This quiet hair dryer provides a peaceful experience without compromising on performance.

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Why should your business consider providing a professional hair dryer?

In the bustling environments of gyms, health clubs, salons, and hotels, detail matters. While some facility managers/owners may view hair dryers as an optional luxury, they can play a crucial role in ensuring guests feel cared for and valued.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience - Professional hair dryers provide clients with a superior drying experience, offering faster and more effective results when compared to standard dryers.

  • Efficiency in Service Delivery - In busy establishments like spas and salons, time is of the essence. Hair dryers with advanced features such as powerful motors and quick-drying technology help stylists and staff streamline their services, allowing them to serve more clients efficiently.

  • Hair Care and Protection: - Commercial hair dryers often come equipped with high-tech features such as ionic technology and adjustable heat settings, which help protect users' hair from damage. This is particularly important for businesses focused on promoting hair health and offering quality styling services.

  • Brand Image and Reputation - Using professional hair drying equipment reflects positively on the business's brand image and reputation. It shows clients that your establishment is committed to providing high-quality services and investing in top-of-the-line amenities for their comfort and satisfaction.

  • Competitive Advantage - Offering professional hair dryers sets businesses apart from their competitors who may only provide standard drying equipment. It can also help to attract discerning clients who value quality and efficiency.

  • Employee Satisfaction and Productivity - Providing your staff with professional tools and equipment enhances their ability to deliver exceptional service. Professional hair dryers can improve employee satisfaction by making their jobs easier and also contribute to higher productivity levels.

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What makes the Initial Hair Dryer a game-changer for gyms, salons, and hotels?

The Initial Hair Dryer isn't just a hair drying tool; it's a testament to our commitment to providing positive washroom experiences. We provide both customers and employees the convenience of efficiently drying their hair after showering or swimming, all while prioritising hair health and preventing heat damage.

The Initial Hair Dryer represents the pinnacle of technological advancement in hair care. With its digital brushless motor, it's not just a step forward—it's a leap into the future of hair drying technology.

The Benefits of the Initial Hair Dryer for Your Business

  • A testament to caring for employee and visitor welfare - Prioritising wellbeing is paramount in any establishment. By investing in the Initial Hair Dryer, you're not just enhancing hair care, you're showcasing a commitment to the welfare of your employees and visitors.

  • Economical benefits - Efficiency isn't just about performance—it's also about cost savings. With its low energy consumption and long lifespan, the Initial Hair Dryer is a cost-effective choice for businesses.

  • Promoting a health-forward brand image by preventing hair and scalp damage - In an era where health is paramount, promoting a brand image that prioritises wellbeing is crucial. By preventing hair and scalp damage, the Initial Hair Dryer helps businesses align with health-forward values.

FAQs about hair dryers

  • What is a hair dryer?

    A hair dryer, also known as a blow dryer, is an electrical device used to dry and style hair by emitting a stream of hot air. It typically consists of a motor-driven fan and a heating element housed in a handheld unit. When turned on, the fan draws in air, which is then heated and expelled through the nozzle as a hot, forceful airflow. Hair dryers are commonly used after washing hair to speed up the drying process, as well as for styling purposes to create various hairstyles, volumise hair, or smooth out frizz.

  • What is the difference between traditional hair dryers vs. the Initial Hair Dryer?

    Traditional hair dryers may offer basic drying functionality, but the Initial Hair Dryer stands out with its advanced features and superior performance. Unlike traditional dryers, the Initial Hair Dryer is equipped with cutting-edge technology including a digital brushless motor, dual air intake system, and integrated negative ion generator, which ensures faster drying times, enhanced hair care, and protection from heat damage. With its noise reduction technology providing a quiet hair drying experience, various speed settings, and intelligent temperature control, the Initial Hair Dryer offers a quiet, gentle drying experience, surpassing the limitations of traditional models. In terms of efficiency, the Initial Hair Dryer uses less energy than a traditional hair dryer and its digital brushless motor lasts ten times longer than a standard blow dryer.

  • Is it good to use a hair dryer every day?

    In general, traditional hair dryers can cause long-term damage to hair, causing hair to break, split or become brittle and lose moisture when used as often as daily. It is advised to focus on sections of hair at a time, move the hair dryer around continuously so as not to focus too much heat on one area for too long, and limit usage to 2-3 times per week. Using a good hair dryer that does not cause hair damage, with ionised features, and adjustable heat settings will ensure healthier hair.

    With the Initial Hair Dryer, rest assured that your client's hair is in good hands. Our advanced technology, including the negative ion generator and intelligent temperature control, ensures that hair is dried quickly and efficiently without causing damage or frizz. Additionally, our hair dryer is designed for optimal hair care, with features that protect hair from excessive heat and maintain its natural shine and moisture. Whether used daily in a salon or sporadically in a gym or spa setting, the Initial Hair Dryer offers peace of mind, knowing that hair health is prioritised every step of the way.

  • How do I choose a professional hair dryer for my business?

    Choosing the right professional hair dryer can be transformative for businesses. It's not just about drying hair quickly—it's about how it can improve your service offering, operational and cost efficiencies, and how customers perceive your business.

    • Enhanced user experience: Enhancing user experience is paramount for businesses. By offering modern amenities such as advanced hair dryers, businesses not only elevate the overall customer experience but also boost employee satisfaction. Clients benefit from the convenience, efficiency, and superior hair care provided, while employees appreciate the ease of use, reliability, and performance of high-quality equipment. This not only facilitates efficient hair styling services but also enhances productivity levels, contributing to a seamless and satisfying experience for all.
    • The latest in hair care technology: Look for hair dryers equipped with advanced technology that protects users' hair and prevents heat damage. Features such as negative ion generators and adjustable heat control settings can help maintain hair health while delivering optimal drying results.
    • Operational Efficiency: Opt for blow dryers with features like a durable motor and energy-efficient design. These features ensure reliable performance and minimise downtime, contributing to a smoother workflow and improved productivity.
    • Cost Savings: Prioritise hair dryers that optimise energy consumption. By reducing energy usage and reducing maintenance needs, businesses can lower their electricity bills and overall operational expenses.
    • Positive Brand Image: Choose hair dryers that align with your business's commitment to user comfort, wellbeing, and sustainability. Investing in cutting-edge technologies demonstrates your dedication to providing first-rate amenities, enhancing your brand's reputation as a forward-thinking and customer-centric establishment.

  • How can I seamlessly incorporate the Initial Hair Dryer into my services?

    Transitioning to the Initial Hair Dryer is a straightforward process with our comprehensive guide and support. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth integration of the Initial Hair Dryer into your existing services and routines. We provide training sessions for staff members to familiarise them with the features and operation of the hair dryer, ensuring optimal usage and results. Our customer support team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have during the transition period. With our guidance and assistance, incorporating the Initial Hair Dryer into your business is effortless, allowing you to reap the benefits of advanced hair care technology without disruption to your operations.

  • What is included with the Initial Hair Dryer?

    Our hair dryer comes equipped with a magnetic Terra 5 Docking Station (a hand dryer holder solution), a docking station pad, a magnetic nozzle, and wall mounting anchors with screws.

  • How is the Initial Hair Dryer kept in place?

    The Initial hair dryer is mounted onto the wall by a magnetic Terra 5 Docking Station, an advanced hair dryer holder, which allows the hair dryer to be held securely in place.