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Providing you with a fresh environment

ECOBreeze is a unique triple-action air hygiene system which filters, cleans and fragrances the air. Stale air is pulled through a dust filter to remove physical particulates in the air, and is then passed through an activated carbon filter to remove malodorous airborne particles. The clean air then flows over a perfumed wick delivering a fresh and vibrant fragrances.

The ideal Location for ECOBreeze is close to the main source of odour

✔ Male Toilets - directly above urinals for optimum effciency.

✔ Female Toilets - installed near the WC and close to entrance door.

✔ Disabled Toliet/ Nappy Change - unit must be installed above the nappy bin



Environmental - Non aerosol and non battery powered unit so reduces your environmental impact

Health & Hygiene - Natural carbon filter cleans the air

Legislation - Controls the escape of washroom smells in to other areas in line with Workplace Regulations

User Experience - Consistent fragrance and significant malodour reduction promotes a positive experience for users



Significantly reduces malodours, without producing any ozone

Filters and fragrances up to 44m3 of air per hour

Customisable settings to adapt to your requirements

Environmentally friendly unit - contains no batteries or aerosols

Environmentally friendly consumables - non-toxic natural carbon filter

Two fragrances available

Casing Material

  • ABS


  • 80ml fragrance bottle


  • Height 220mm
  • Width 180mm
  • Depth 50mm


  • Weight excluding fragrance and filter - 660g
  • Weight including fragrance and filter - 830g
  • A range of sanitising solutions are available
  • Visit our consumables webshop for one off purchases on quality washroom and cleaning supplies.

Recommended Product Location

  • In all instances, ideal location for ECOBreeze is close to the main source of odour
  • Ideal location in male toilets – directly above urinals optimum efficiency
  • Ideal location in female toilets – installed near the WC and close to entrance door
  • Ideal location in disabled toilet/nappy change – unit must be installed above the nappy bin
  • Unit should be no higher than 2mfrom the floor


  • Installed by an Initial Service Engineer

Service Elements

  • Unit serviced by an Initial technician only

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