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Eliminate odour and welcome a delightful washroom experience!

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a washroom? If you’re thinking ‘how it smells’, you’re not alone. 9 in 10 people have encountered unpleasant smells in public washrooms*. Additionally, 77% of consumers perceive a business more or less favourably depending on the state of their washrooms*. Scent can impact a washroom user’s emotional responses, what they remember from that environment, and even the overall impressions they form about the business they are visiting at that time.

That’s where Initial Essence, our latest air freshener for washrooms, can make a difference. Initial Essence eliminates odours by ensuring continuous and consistent air fragrancing. Be sure to leave a lasting positive impression on your guests by creating a washroom they will be happy to return to!

*Initial, State of Air Care Report, 2017

Introducing the Initial Essence air freshener for Washrooms

Initial Essence features state-of-the-art oxygen fuel cell technology which provides long lasting fragrance delivery for washrooms.

Product features of the Initial Essence Washroom Air Freshener

A reliable, consistent and continuous air freshener for washrooms

  • Providing reliable, consistent and continuous air fragrancing through innovative oxygen cell technology
  • Coverage of 170m3
  • Contains Neutra-lox, an ingredient that is highly effective against malodours
  • 4 fragrances available
  • Fragrance cartridges are 100% recyclable
  • Battery-powered: battery lasts for up to a year before needing replacing, saving your business energy costs.
  • Visual light indicator provides updates on when battery and fragrance cartridge needs replacing.
  • Easy to install, operate and service.

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How our Initial Essence washroom air freshener can help your business

  • Reliable fragrance delivery - Initial Essence is powered by oxygen fuel cell technology, which provides a reliable and consistent delivery of fragrance.

  • Long lasting air freshener - The fragrance cartridge is highly concentrated, containing up to four times the amount of fragrance oil compared to metered aerosols, offering long lasting freshness.

  • Large coverage area - With its large coverage area, Initial Essence reduces the need for multiple units in medium to large washrooms, providing effective fragrancing wherever it's needed.

  • Eco-friendly - Initial Essence is free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), added volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and propellants, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to standard aerosol technology. Its fragrance cartridges are fully recyclable.

  • Eliminates odours - From transient odours such as faecal, urine, tobacco, kitchen, sweat, mildew, to pet odours, Initial Essence effectively eliminates a wide range of unpleasant odours.

  • Stylish design - Available in a sleek white finish, Initial Essence complements any washroom decor effortlessly.

What makes Initial Essence the top choice in washroom air fresheners?

Initial Essence stands out from traditional aircare systems with its consistent and continuous fragrancing.

Unlike gravity and passive systems or aerosols, which have significant gaps between sprays, Initial Essence ensures a steady stream of fragrance, maintaining optimal freshness throughout the day.

Transforming your washroom with the latest in aircare technology

Advanced aircare technology illustrating how the Initial Air Freshener for washrooms work

How does the Initial Essence aircare technology work?

  1. Oxygen Generator: Releases a precise dose of oxygen continuously.
  2. Fragrance Pouch: Squeezes the fragrance pouch, displacing the fragrance.
  3. Cellulose Pad: Delivers a continuous measured dose of fragrance onto the cellulose pad.
  4. Fresh Fragrance Release: Pure fragrance is released into the room, ensuring a pleasant environment.

Premium aircare fragrances for everyday use


A sophisticated fragrance that combines fresh apple notes with amber and spices.


A designer fruity, floral fragrance with musk notes.


A high concentration of neutra-lox, with just a hint of lemongrass fragrance. Ideal choice for areas where fragrance is not desired.


Intense flora notes of ylang, lavender and geranium with hints of fresh cologne and lemon.

Eliminate odours effectively

All Initial Essence fragrance cartridges contain neutra-lox, an ingredient that eliminates odours which is extremely effective against the smell of urine, faeces, body odour, tobacco, pet malodour, kitchen odour, mould, mildew and more.


  • What is the best air freshener for washrooms?

    The best air freshener for washrooms depends on various factors such as personal preference, the size of the washroom, the intensity of odours, and any sensitivities to fragrances.

    Initial Essence is perfect for medium to large sized washrooms as it covers of 70m2 and comes in four different fragrances to suit a range of preferences and business sectors - from fresh, to fruity and sophisticated. Our neutra-lox scent is ideal for those who prefer little to no fragrancing, and eliminates odour typically experienced in washrooms.

  • Where is the best place to put an air freshener in the washroom?

    We recommend installing your dispensers on the wall, above door height, near cubicles and urinals where most odours occur, or at the end of the washroom to ensure a long lasting air freshener experience. It is advised to avoid placing the unit near windows, ventilation ducts or above radiators.

  • Are washroom air fresheners safe?

    While washroom air fresheners can help improve indoor air quality and create a more pleasant environment, it's essential to use them responsibly and be mindful of potential health and environmental risks. Reading product labels, following usage instructions, and opting for safer alternatives can help ensure the safety of both occupants and the environment.

    Initial Essence does not contain aerosols, propellants, VOCs or CFCs which make it a more environmentally friendly product.

  • When do I need an air freshener refill?

    Our fragrance cartridges contain 20ml of pure fragrance oil. When you need to replace your cartridge depends on the fragrance intensity you prefer and can be changed to a strong (30 days), normal (60 days) or (90 days) mild scent. The visual light indicator will turn orange when you need a new air freshener refill.

  • Does the Initial Essence air freshener save electricity costs?

    Yes. This unit is battery powered, so it does not require an electricity source to operate.

  • How long do the batteries last for the Initial Essence air freshener?

    This battery-powered unit contains two alkaline AA batteries that have a 12-month battery life, before needing to be replaced. The visual light indicator provides updates on the dispenser’s status, and when it turns red, it is time to replace the batteries.