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Rigid Container Range

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Rigid Waste Containers

Our rigid waste container range is specially designed to handle all types of clinical waste. Made from durable and sustainable materials, they are designed to hold soft clinical waste and waste that cannot be disposed of within clinical waste bags due to contamination risk. This includes waste such as healthcare tubing and blister packs that may tear the bag as well as wet and liquid waste. 

Our clinical waste container range is colour-coded inline with clinical waste regulations, to identify and ensure disposal in the correct waste stream. Available in a range of sizes, these rigid waste containers are perfect for disposing of clinical waste across a wide range of sectors.

Initial Medical can support you with your clinical waste management. As part of our clinical waste disposal service, we can help you stay legally compliant with site audits alongside your clinical waste collection.

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Why do you need a Rigid container for Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste comes in many forms and is often contaminated with infectious materials, therefore if not disposed of correctly causes contamination and health risks to anyone handling the waste and the general public. Rigid waste containers are robust to help minimise the risk of contamination from rupture and damage. Our rigid waste containers can handle a wide range of waste including wet and liquid waste that cannot be disposed of in a clinical waste bag due to the risk of leakage.

Types of Rigid Waste Containers

Rigid Container

The rigid container is suitable for all types of clinical waste, now made from recycled 100% plastic it provides an eco-friendly solution for clinical waste disposal. Using a hermetically sealed lid, which once locked, cannot be reopened enables the rigid container to also handle liquid and anatomical waste.

  • Prevents spillages and unpleasant odours
  • Easy to close, with hermetic seal to ensure no leaks and maximise odour control
  • Colour-coded to ensure correct waste segregation
  • Rectangular shape ensure excellent space optimisation, stability and stackability
  • Safe and ergonomic handling with solid carrying handles
  • Available in range of sizes: 30L, 50L, 60L
  • Available lids: Grip, Click and Autoclavable

How does the Rigid Container Support your Clinical Waste Management?

  • Fully rigid design with a hermetic seal to prevent spills and unpleasant odours, enabling you to dispose of all types of clinical waste including liquids

  • Slimline rectangular shape for space optimisation

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic, helping to support more sustainable waste management practices

Rigid Cardboard Container

Made from cardboard with an integral HDPE liner there area perfect solution for clinical waste disposal, supporting sustainable healthcare waste disposal.

Suitable for soft dry clinical waste such as contaminated PPE and dressings, out of date medicines and waste that may rupture ordinary clinical waste bags such as blister packs and medical tubing.

  • Suitable for dry waste disposal, providing comprehensive solution for a wide range of dry wastes
  • Made from 75% recycled materials
  • 74% lighter than a standard Rigid Container
  • Eco-friendly alternative to standard Rigid Container offer a 89% reduction in raw material CO2 emissions
  • Available waste streams: Orange, Blue and Yellow to support correct waste segregation
  • Available in 25L and 50L

How does the Rigid Cardboard Container Support your Clinical Waste Management?

  • Using an ultra-lightweight fold-flat design reduces storage space taken up, which means it’s easier to store extras on-site

  • Pop-up assembly is easy to use without the need of additional accessories, so these can be easily assembled by your team if required

  • Constructed from recycled cardboard with a high-density polyethylene liner making it suitable for dry and infectious waste

  • Integral carry handles allow for safe and easy movement making it easy to move around your practice

Griff Pac Containers

The Griff Pac container is an eco-friendly solution for healthcare waste disposal, made from corrugated polypropylene with an integral HDPE liner. It provides a lightweight solution for clinical waste disposal and is suitable across various environments.

Suitable for dry and wet clinical waste such as contaminated PPE, dressings, petri dishes, agar plates, medical tubing, blood and colostomy bags.

  • Suitable for both dry and wet waste, including blood and colostomy bags, tubing, and agar plates.
  • Available waste streams: orange, blue, and yellow to support correct waste segregation
  • They are flat-packed and lightweight for easy storage and optimised space in the healthcare facility
  • Have a thermo-welded base, help to prevent leakages
  • Eco-friendly alternative to standard Rigid Container offering a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions during production and 64% reduction in CO2 emmissions from raw material
  • Available in 25L and 50L

How does the Griff Pac Support your Clinical Waste Management?

  • Support easy transportation and storage

  • Prevent unexpected spillages during storage and transportation due to the excellent liquid resistance.

  • Made from recycled materials to reduce virgin and single-use plastic within your clinical waste management

What clinical waste container to use?

Clinical waste containers should be colour-coded depending on the waste stream. When choosing your clinical waste container aside from following the colour code outlined in HTM 07-01, you also need to consider the contamination risk and the nature of the waste you are disposing of such as whether it is soft, wet, liquid, or even likely to damage your container. 

Rigid Cardboard Container

Suitable for soft waste and dry waste such as pill packets and tubing. 

Griff Pac

Suitable for dry and wet waste such as agar plates, tubing, blood and colostomy bags.

Rigid Waste Container

Suitable for all types of clinical waste including liquid waste.

What colour of rigid waste container do I use?

Yellow Rigid Container

For the storage of hazardous highly infectious or medicinally contaminated waste.

Orange Rigid Container

For the storage of infectious waste or non-medicinally contaminated waste.

Rigid Container

For the storage and disposal of medicinal waste.

Purple Rigid Container

For the storage of cytotoxic and cytostatic waste.

Red Rigid Container

For the storage of anatomical waste.