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Bio-bins® - Paper-Based Healthcare and Lab Waste Disposal

Bio-bins® are the latest addition to our clinical waste range. Innovative and made from 96% paper they provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for handling small amounts of clinical waste. These come in smaller sizes so they are perfect for handling small amounts of clinical waste and placing them at the point of use such as on work benches. Making them ideal for use in the clinical and treatment rooms and supporting lab waste disposal.

What is a Bio-bin®?

A Bio-bin® is an innovative container suitable for the disposal of non-sharp waste. Made from 96% paper it is a sustainable, cost-effective solution which is light-weight and can fold flat making it easy to transport and store onsite. The Bio-bin® has an integrated Bio-matt™ to absorb excess liquid enabling the container to handle wet and dry clinical waste.

What goes in a Bio-bin®?

Bio-bin® can handle all types of non-sharp waste including:

  • Soft clinical waste such as contaminated PPE, swabs, dressings, and surgical drapes.
  • Small amounts of soft offensive waste
  • Lab waste such as single-use implements, agar plates, tips, pipettes and petri dishes.
  • Specialised container for inoculation loops.

Bio-bin® are not suitable for sharp waste such as needles and syringes as they are made from 96% paper which sharp waste could puncture.

Choosing The Right Bio-bin®

What Bio Bin to use?

Loop Bio-bin®

Specifically designed for single-use implements such as loops and swaps enabling them to  lie flat within the bin and minimising empty space.

1 litre Bio-bin®

Ideal for small amounts of clinical waste, use in the community by care workers, nurses and vets  or where space is limited such as fume cupboards and small workbenches. Integrated Bio-matt can absorb up to 100 ml of excess fluid.

5 litre Bio-bin®

Ideal for use on benchtops in the lab or practice. Space saving compared to other large clinical waste bins and rigid containers. Integrated Bio-matt can absorb up to 250 ml of excess fluid.

6 litre Bio-bin®

Specifically designed for serological pipettes, these bins are tall and thin and best used with a stand. Making them a must-have when it comes to lab waste disposal.

What colour of Bio-bin® to use?


For hazardous waste that poses a potential danger due to its chemical, biological or physical properties.


For infectious waste that is contaminated with bodily fluids or pathogens.

Tiger Stripe

For offensive waste that is unpleasant, non-infectious, and cannot be disposed of in the general waste stream.


For cytotoxic and cytostatic waste.


For anatomical waste such as human or animal tissues.


For pharmaceutical waste such as items such as expired or partially used medications.

Why add a Bio-bin® to your Clinical Waste Collection?

Space Saving

Their simple fold flat to pop-up design makes them easy to store, transport and use. Each Bio-bin® also has a temporary seal which can be used when not in use.


Made from paper, providing an alternative to single-use plastic bins. They are also lighter in comparison helping to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and disposal.

Extra Absorbancy

Available in a range of smaller sizes, each Bio-bin® includes an integrated Bio-matt™ to help absorb any excess liquid.

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