Workers holding it in: SMEs in major washroom failures

Are you bursting in your office, holding in the toilet while Phil from IT sits for ages in the only workplace bathroom? Are you worried about the time it takes to wash your hands in your washroom, if only because you can hear a large queue forming by the door?

You’re not the only one – we’ve found that one in five smaller companies don’t provide enough toilets for staff.

Our specially commissioned survey of 2,000 workers showed that more than half regularly had to wait to use the toilet, wasting an average of seven minutes a week.

Employers aren’t only wasting productivity by failing to provide enough toilets – they’re shirking a legal responsibility.

Failure from employers

Initial’s Dr Peter Barratt said, “It’s essential for employers to provide their workers with sufficient numbers of toilet facilities, and to ensure that these are clean and well-presented.

“Failure to do so not only ignores their legal duty, but turns a blind eye to the effect that this can have on both employees and customers.

“A shabby, under-stocked or unavailable washroom can paint a business in a very bad light. The washroom is often the first and last place a customer will see when visiting your office, and as we all know, these first and last impressions count for a lot.”

Comprehensive study

The advantages to a comprehensive and expertly made washroom are manifold, and deserve the same level of investment as every other part of your workplace. Without it, your workplace hygiene will take a nosedive and, in turn, your productivity will decrease.

So sort out the state of your washrooms and contact us today.


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