Three ways to improve customer toilets

If you run a business, you will already be well aware of the importance of making a good first impression on your customers. You may insist that staff wear a smart uniform, perhaps you rent out an impressive looking office or send employees on customer service training so you can offer the best possible service.

One area that often lets companies down however is the standard of their bathroom facilities. Although the toilets are unlikely to be your top priority, chances are that every time a customer visits your premises, they will pay a visit to the bathroom.

If you want your customer toilets to leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons, below are three great ways you can do this.

Make sure they’re clean

We may not pay much attention to a standard, clean toilet but you can guarantee that people will notice a dirty bathroom. Make sure that all bathrooms are cleaned at the end of every day. This may seem excessive but when you think about how many staff and customers use them every day, it really doesn’t take long for dirt to accumulate.


A hygienic bathroom not only looks better, it also reduces the risk of bacteria spreading and staff and customers contracting illnesses. Aside from regular cleaning, there are a number of things you can do to make your office toilets more hygienic:

Soap dispensers – it’s vital to provide soap so that people can wash their hands properly. One way to further improve hygiene is to use no-touch dispensers. The fewer things people have to touch in a bathroom, the better.

Hand drying – few people are aware of this but wet hands can harbour just as much, if not more bacteria than unwashed hands. Whether it’s paper towels or hand dryers, make sure that these facilities are always available.

Bins – if you don’t want paper towels and other rubbish left lying around, ensure there are plenty of bins for people to use and empty them regularly.

Sanitary bins – Feminine hygiene waste disposal allows businesses to discard of sanitary waste in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner. Not only is this important to prevent bacteria and illnesses from spreading, it also ensures that you’re complying with UK regulations.

Sanitary disposal bins are in fact the most dangerous place in a woman’s bathroom. Even if they’re emptied daily and cleaned every once in a while, they pose the greatest health risk in a bathroom which is why it’s so important to use a professional disposal service.

Think about the little touches

It’s one thing making sure that all the essentials are there but it’s also important to remember the little things too. Making sure that there’s always toilet paper, soap and somewhere to dry your hands can have a huge impact on how people view your bathroom.

Other nice little touches which often go a long way include a fresh bouquet of flowers, hand moisturiser and soft towels.



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