Summer Lovin’ – is it making you sick?

The summer is on its way, your beach bod is almost in check and you’ve got enough suntan lotion to block the earth’s atmosphere from UV rays – but are you prepared for the germs that multiply in the warmer weather?

Indeed, you might have believed you were out of the woods when it comes to winter colds and flu symptoms, snotty noses and bacterial hands. But the summer weather can bring together a whole new threat of germs.

When the heat rises (which, if we’re honest, won’t happen too often in Great Britain) so will new germs gain strength in the glistening sun.

Boiling bacteria

According to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, moderately hot weather causes a larger number of deaths on average than other days of the year – in part, because of the proliferation of germs and our failure to act against them.

Those sunny days on the beach might be fraught with the perils of airborne bacteria, but your workplace is also at a far higher risk.

Bacteria can spread in an office far more quickly when exposed to the heat of outside, leading to “sick offices” and an increase in the number of absences in your workplace. Which is exactly why you should mount more safeguards in your washroom.

We can provide you with all the bleeding edge technology you need to keep those summer germs at bay. And if you need a top up on your cleaning products, just give us a call.

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