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Period Poverty Vending

Helping to End Period Poverty

Promoting good menstrual hygiene is critical. At Initial we are working to achieve Period Dignity by providing our customers with a professional and bespoke solution to Period Poverty.

Our Period Poverty Vending Dispenser is a discrete way of tackling the stigma around Period Poverty. The dispenser holds a choice of sanitary products and is ideal for installation within the washroom cubicle, meaning that the user is afforded complete dignity when accessing the necessary items.


Initial Washroom Hygiene has partnered with Freedom4Girls a UK-registered charity fighting Period Poverty. Freedom4Girls actively support women and girls in both the UK and worldwide who struggle to access menstrual products. For every Period Poverty Vending Dispenser installed by Initial Washroom Hygiene, we will donate £5 to the charity as well as an additional £1 for every box of refills ordered for the units.

Provides the reassurance of well-known brands such as Kotex and Tampax

Required products can be accessed anonymously within the cubicle

Slim and compact dispenser


  • Height 122mm
  • Depth 90mm
  • Width 148mm


  • 1KG

Maximum Capacity

  • 8 packs of Kotex or
  • 11 packs of Tampax

 Recommended Product Location

  • Wall mounted
  • Place within the cubicle


  • Customer can choose if they want to install the dispenser themselves or if they want Initial to install it for them


  • White

Outright Purchase


Equipment Ownership

If you're looking for more information about Period Poverty, including how to access funding, then please click here to access our information centre. There we provide an overview of the issue as well as the latest government positions and help with our products.

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