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Pharmaceutical Waste

Controlled Drugs Denaturing Kit

Safely dispose of controlled medicines

Out of date or unwanted controlled drugs must first be denatured before being destroyed so that they cannot be retrieved, recovered or reused. Even small amounts of controlled drugs must never be disposed of via the sewage system, and out of date drugs must never be placed in a pharmaceutical bin without first being denatured.

Initial Medical’s Controlled Drugs Denaturing Kit will render controlled medicines irretrievable and unfit for further use until they are fully destroyed by incineration.

By using a licensed waste carrier like Initial Medical, you can ensure that your waste is disposed of correctly and that the disposal is audited from point of origin right through to final destruction. This means you are complaint with relevant waste legislation.

If you are responsible for health centres, surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies or veterinary surgeries you will understand the importance of the correct management of controlled drugs in accordance with the Misuse of Drugs Act 2001.

Our Controlled Drugs Denaturing Kits are simple to use and allow you to meet the requirements for controlled drugs irretrievable. Used denaturing containers can then be disposed of by placing in a blue-lidded pharmaceutical bin.

  • Renders controlled drugs irretrievable prior to onward safe disposal
  • Full range of sizes available: 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 4L
  • Water soluble sachets reduce spill risk
  • Denaturing formula includes a bitter tasting additive


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Controlled Drug Denaturing Kit