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Tiger Bags Service

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Tiger Stripe Bags Service

Initial Medical’s robust tiger waste bags are part of our specialist offensive waste management service, providing full protection to your practice. With Initial Medical, you can rest assured that your offensive waste is being handled and disposed of correctly, helping to create a safer environment for staff and residents.

Initial Medical will work with you to provide regular, scheduled collections that fit around your needs, ensuring reliable and compliant offensive waste disposal. We also provide rigid spill-proof containers for waste containing liquids. To learn more about our range of service options and arrange your free on-site survey, contact an Initial Medical expert today.

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Offensive Waste Bags

Our yellow tiger stripe waste bags are designed specifically to hold soft materials, excluding sharp objects and liquids. They offer superior tear and impact resistance, with a star-weld base protecting your business against leaks.

Like all of our bin liners, our tiger bags are manufactured in the UK and are tested in UKAS approved laboratories.

With a capacity of 60L of offensive waste, our bags are sturdy, remaining intact after most impacts.

Offensive Waste Bins

Initial's offensive waste bins are the ideal container for your tiger stripe bags.

Our offensive waste bins operate by pedal, removing the need to touch the bin lid and risk contamination of the hands. These bins are built with innovative Silversafe™ plastic, which kills 99.9% of bacteria that comes into contact with the bin.

Our tiger stripe badge and yellow ring help correct identification and segregation into the offensive waste stream. In addition, the safe odour neutralisers in the bin help to remove offensive smells and repel insects.

Postcoded Bag Ties

Initial's postcoded bag ties keep you compliant with the Environment Protection Act 1990, by providing full traceability of the handling and treatment of your practice's waste.

The postcode of the pick-up point sits directly beneath our Initial logo, making your bags easily identifiable.

We provide these bag ties in packs of 1,000 to make sure you have a long-lasting supply, removing the need to order frequently.

Specialist Care Home Service Vehicles

Care homes may be subject to inspections from regulatory bodies to demonstrate compliance and transparency in their waste management.

Using our decades of experience, we provide a reliable and safe care home waste disposal service that provides you with the correct documentation and ensures your waste bags are disposed of as required by UK waste legislation.

Our service vehicles ensure the safe manual handling and removal of offensive waste from your premises, arranged regularly to limit excess waste storage onsite. Our specialist fleet includes rear-end loaders as an extra disposal option for our larger care homes.

What are tiger bags used for?

Tiger stripe bags signify the yellow and black waste stream, which is for non-hazardous, non-infectious waste. Nappies, incontinence waste and used PPE not contaminated by patient contact are some examples of what is disposed of into tiger stripe bags.

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