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Hand Sanitiser

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Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Using hand sanitisers in conjunction with good handwashing throughout your premises will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria contaminating surfaces, lowering the risk of transmission. 

Staff, customers and visitors expect a safe and clean environment, whether they are in washrooms, workspaces, classrooms, kitchens, retail settings or offices.  Sanitiser dispensers are the perfect solution in environments where access to soap and water is restricted. 

Initial's Top-Up sanitiser dispensers use an antibacterial hand sanitiser formulation recommended by the World Health Organisation. We offer flexible refill services to meet your business needs, giving you peace of mind that your premise is well stocked and protected from potentially harmful germs. 

Both our UltraProtect™ Foam Hand Sanitiser and Initial Hand Sanitiser Gel are effective against Coronavirus*. (*independently tested against feline coronavirus, a surrogate virus for coronavirus).   

To cope with the unprecedented spike in demand, we also have added a range of alternative hand sanitisers to suit your needs.  

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Top Up Dispensers

We have further expanded our hand sanitiser range in order to fulfil customer demand. Our latest addition is a bespoke top up hand sanitiser dispenser which holds alcohol hand sanitiser. This 1 litre dispenser can be fitted onto a range of stands to provide hand hygiene coverage in any location.

Manual Top Up Dispenser

The Manual Top Up Dispenser is filled with our hand sanitiser that comes in 5 litre containers.

  • Practical and hygienic
  • Easy to top up
  • Wall mounted
  • Viewing window to check stock level
  • Capacity - 1 litre
  • Dimensions - H 231mm x W 114mm x D 109mm
  • Weight (without consumable) - 450 grams
  • Material - ABS plastic

Auto Top Up Dispenser

The Auto Top Up Dispenser is filled with our hand sanitiser that comes in 5 litre containers. The touch free auto model minimises the risk for cross contamination.

  • Practical and hygienic
  • Easy to top up
  • Wall mounted
  • Viewing window to check stock level
  • Capacity - 1 litre
  • Dimensions - H 250mm x W 125mm x D 136mm
  • Weight (without consumable) - 950 grams
  • Material - ABS plastic

Initial Hand & UltraProtect™ Sanitiser

Initial Hand Sanitiser

The use of hand sanitisers has been proven to reduce the risk of pathogen cross-contamination. Our alcohol-based Initial Hand Sanitiser Gel rapidly acts against a broad spectrum of germs. It evaporates quickly to leave hands feeling fresh and is quick and convenient to use any time, anywhere.

Key features:

  • Integral anti-microbial technology improves surface hygiene and helps prevent the spread of germs by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Surfaces designed specifically for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Tested to last

Hand Sanitiser Consumables

Our range of hand sanitiser refill solutions are available for purchase for our manual, auto and Initial dispensers.

  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria
  • After 2 minute exposure kills 99.99% of Coronavirus*
  • Tested and proven efficacy against bacteria, yeast & viruses.
  • No colour added to the product formula.
  • No fragrance or perfume added to the product formula
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Kind to skin

*Independently tested against feline coronavirus, a surrogate virus for Coronavirus

UltraProtect™ Hand Sanitiser

UltraProtect™ is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser. It is: powerful, gentle and long lasting.

  • Powerful - Kills 99.99% of germs including Swine Flu, MRSA and Norovirus.
  • Gentle - Dermatologically approved to not dry out or crack skin
  • Long lasting - Provides 8 hour hand surface protection

UltraProtect™ is effective against Coronavirus*

Independent test show that Ultraprotect™ destroys 99.99% of feline Coronavirus*(*Feline coronavirus, a surrogate virus for coronavirus)

Please note:

  • We may need to reduce large orders in order to service as many customers as possible.
  • We recommend surveys take place in person to put the right solution in place and differentiate between temporary and permanent measures. If that is not possible we ask for a site plan and a telephone or video survey to be conducted to be able to advise on dispenser placement and ensure correct install instructions for our fitters.

Benefits Of Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of germs

  • Dermatologically tested and clinically proven not to dry skin with repeated use.

  • Quick drying sanitiser

  • Convenient, hygienic and non-drip cartridge system

  • Fully recyclable cartridges collapse completely to eliminate waste

  • Available as alcohol based liquid or alcohol free foam

Signature UltraProtect™ No Touch Stand

These moveable stands are perfect for kitchens, receptions, nurses stations or anywhere else where wall mounting isn’t possible.

  • Holds a 1L No Touch dispenser
  • Variable height options
  • Customisable headboard for your own hygiene messaging, images and guidelines
  • Entirely mobile
  • Dimensions: H 1612mm x W 345mm x D 345mm
  • Weight: 11kg

Backboards - As our versatile top up dispensers can house either hand sanitiser, soap or surface disinfectant, it is important to ensure people properly use them. Our backboards fit around our dispensers and feature a range of attention grabbing designs, including school specific options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should you use hand sanitisers?

    Hand sanitiser should be used in association with good hand washing. However where you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water sanitisers should be used after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. It can also be used before and after eating or whenever you change locations.

  • What is the recommended alcohol % for hand sanitiser?

    The WHO guidance indicates that alcohol hand sanitisers should contain between 60% to 80% alcohol. We have a number of products that fulfil these requirements.;jsessionid=C8C25CE4FEFBEACA6D8C844CCCC5B093?sequence=1

  • How often should you refill the dispenser?

    All of our hand and surface sanitiser dispensers feature viewing windows that allow you to keep an eye on the levels of sanitiser in your dispensers.

  • What are Initials servicing options?

    We offer a range of different service options to suit you, including full dispenser service, contractual deliveries of refills and the outright sale of refills.

  • Where should hand sanitisers be positioned in the classroom?

    Placing hand sanitisers as close to the entrance and exit points as possible will ensure that people have to clean their hands before entering. We work with a range of purchasing groups such as ESPO and NEPO, giving us expertise about the public sector's requirements.

Achieve proper hand hygiene in three steps

1. Handwashing

The first step in the hand hygiene process is proper handwashing. Using soap while adhering to our handwashing guide will remove a large amount of pathogens from your hands.

See our range of soaps and take the first step towards better hand hygiene.

Download our hand hygiene poster: Recommended hand hygiene steps to prevent the spread of viruses

2. Hand Drying

Even when you’ve managed to wash away any hand pathogens with soap, you need to remove residual moisture to stop them from reappearing. If you leave the washroom with wet hands then you create a breeding ground for the same pathogens to re-emerge.

Our range of hand drying options spans from traditional roller and paper towels all the way to ultra-hygienic hand dryers with in-built air filters.

3. Hand Sanitising

Finally, when your hands have been properly washed and dried, apply hand sanitiser for extra protection. This will prevent your hands from quickly becoming a pathogen hotspot.

To cope with the recent unprecedented spike in demand, we have made a number of new additions to our hand sanitiser range. This ensures that we can help to safeguard the nation’s hand hygiene.

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