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Clinical Waste Bins

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Clinical Waste Bins

Initial Medical’s range of clinical waste bins are equipped with our unique Silversafe™ antimicrobial technology. This helps to prevent the risk of infection. Available in multiple sizes and colours, our hazardous and non-hazardous waste bins are designed to suit your business needs, with clear colour coding to ensure full legal compliance with waste segregation.

As part of our service delivery, you will benefit from the guidance of our trusted, local technicians. They regularly collect and dispose of your clinical waste bins in line with a bespoke service agreement.

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Large Silversafe™ Bin

Our innovative 60-litre clinical waste bins operate by pedal and are built with Silversafe™ technology.

  • Initial’s innovative Silversafe™ plastic construction kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact
  • Hands-free pedal operation to reduce risk of cross infection
  • Safe odour neutraliser sits in lid of bin
  • Secure, concealed sack holder to prevent bag movement

Small Antimicrobial Bin

Our industry-leading 35-litre clinical waste bins operate by pedal and use lid colours to differentiate your waste containers.

  • Antibacterial technology improving surface hygiene
  • Hands-free pedal operation to reduce risk of cross infection
  • Secure, concealed sack holder to prevent bag movement

Silversafe™ Technology

Our large clinical waste bin is fitted with custom formulated antimicrobial thermoplastic compounds within the plastic of the bin. This Silversafe™ technology fights against harmful bacteria including MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella. The material has been proven to kill >99.9% of both GM+ve and GM-ve bacteria on contact.

  • Atmospheric moisture triggers the gradual release of silver ions in the polymer. These ions attack the micro-organisms and destroy the harmful bacteria.
  • Silver does not deteriorate and this controlled release of silver ions lasts for the lifetime of the product.