Why use Initial for your sanitary waste disposal?

The safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste is a legal requirement for any company with female employees in the UK. Not only do you need to ensure that bins are provided, only a licenced carrier can remove the waste from your premises.

If you’re looking for a sanitary waste disposal service, below are just five great reasons why you should choose Initial.

We offer a wide range of products

At Initial, we have a large range of sanitary waste bins to suit your requirements. Available in a number of sizes and finishes, you can ensure that the product you choose suits the décor and the area you have available in your bathroom. You can also select manual, pedal or automatic bins.

We offer the incredibly hygienic solutions

Hygiene is always at the forefront of our designs which is why we have created the no touch Signature sanitary disposal bin. When disposing of something in a sanitary bin, it’s natural to feel cautious about touching its surfaces due to the bacteria that may be on it. With no touch infra-red and pedal operation, this product offers superior hygiene protection and germs never need to be a concern ever again.

Complete with Anti-Microbial surface technology, our Signature no touch bin provides a safe, discreet and incredibly hygienic disposal solution. Its large 14-litre capacity means there is plenty of room yet the compact, slimline unit takes up minimal space in bathroom cubicles.

We carry out regular visits to your premises

Sanitary bins require ongoing maintenance which is why one of our fully trained customer delivery representatives will carry out regular scheduled visits to your premises. As well as removing any waste, we will ensure that you’re remaining compliant with current legislation and exchange your bins on every visit to maintain a constant high level of hygiene.

We ensure you’re not breaking the law

It’s a legal requirement for your business to comply with UK waste legislation. You must adhere to The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992, The Water Industries Act 1991 and The Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Our service provides peace of mind that you’re disposing of sanitary waste in a safe and hygienic manner. We also provide a full waste transfer certificate to prove your compliance and so that you can show customers and employees that you take this issue seriously.

We provide odour control

Odour control is a very important part of providing a pleasant washroom environment. In order to enhance the appeal of your facilities, our sanitary bins come with a unique Biofresh insert. As well as providing effective odour control, this product also contains an anti-microbial solution, an insect repellent and a pleasant citrus fragrance which delivers unbeatable freshness.

If you would like more information about current sanitary waste disposal regulations or would like to know more about any of the products we offer, please feel free to contact Initial and we will be more than happy to help.

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