The latest must-read for hand hygiene aficionados

The latest must-read for hand hygiene aficionados

Another month, another article on the dangers of poor hygiene. But this month, there’s more than an article – biologist and broadcaster Adam Hart has written an entire book on the subject.

In The Life of Poo, Hart attempts to untangle the various mysteries behind bacteria – and finds that we’re woefully unhygienic as a society.

His findings claim that only 61 per cent of women and 37 per cent of men wash their hands after visiting the toilet.

But the book doesn’t only trot out the usual statistics about poor hand-washing habits. It’s an earnest look at how different bacteria can help and hinder us.

Although certain germs cause serious illness, many are vital to our continued health. But in the main, bad bacteria infects us through contact, making the hands a filth hotspot.

A faecal matter

Faecal bacteria is one of the major sources of illness where hand hygiene is concerned. And even people who wash their hands after using the bathroom are making one big mistake – they aren’t washing them for long enough.

Ideally, you should spend 15 to 30 seconds washing your hands – but only 30 per cent of people do so for more than nine seconds.

Without appealing facilities, many people won’t feel compelled to wash their hands for an optimal amount of time.

We haven’t written the book on hygiene like Adam Hart, but we can promise you peerless washrooms that will keep your hand hygiene optimal.

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