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Bacteria controlled odour free washroom

Initial Washroom Hygiene's Air Steriliser uses a combination of five air sterilising techniques to continuously eradicate and combat both surface and airborne odour-causing bacteria. Similar to other air fresheners in our range, continuous performance of the Air Steriliser ensures a fresh smelling and hygienic washroom environment is constantly provided for your staff and visitors.

The air purifier eradicates bacteria and viruses found in the washroom including Flu viruses, E Coli (which can cause Urinary tract infection, Septicaemia and Diarrhoea) Salmonella, Streptococcus, Rhinovirus and Hepatitis A. With our Air Steriliser installed you are helping to protect your washroom users while providing an enhanced washroom experience which reflects well on your business’ image.

How the Air Steriliser Works

The Air Steriliser utilise these five techniques to effectively eradicate bacteria present in the washroom

  1. 1 - Ozone = Eliminates bacteria, virus, moulds and micro-organisms.
  2. 2 - Photoplasma = A highly reactive and energised oxygen disinfects the air.
  3. 3 - Negative ions = Increases the efficiency of the process, removes airborne impurities and dust.
  4. 4 - Germicidal Light (UV) = Eliminates bacteria, viruses, moulds and micro-organisms.
  5. 5 - Photo-catalytic oxidation = Breaks down Volatile Organic Compounds, such as Methane.

Air Steriliser How it works

The Air Steriliser is an extremely efficient and effective odour neutralising, air purifying solution for washroom areas. The Air Steriliser provides an environmentally friendly solution with low running costs and removes the need to control bad odours with chemical solutions.

The Air Steriliser can also be used in other places where improved air quality is needed such as food preparation areas and doctors waiting rooms.

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Key Features

  • Low ozone emissions
  • Sterilises the air and all exposed surfaces 24/7
  • Purifies air 2000 times faster than ordinary ozone generators
  • Treats a washroom 180 times faster than a UV light alone
  • Kills the source of the odours
  • HACCP approved
  • Available in 2 colours