How to: boost hygiene levels in your washrooms

People expect a little bit of style from their washrooms. They want gleaming tiles, sparkling urinals and the kind of lighting usually reserved for plush Hollywood movies.

What they don’t expect is a place that’s grimier than the London Underground circa-1942. But in a large majority of cases, these hygiene carbuncles are exactly what they get. It’s the reason why sites exist which review public washrooms, and why we try our hardest to provide the best in washroom services.

As we illustrated with our previous blog on hand dryers, we stock the finest in washroom appliances. And we understand that there are hygiene hot spots that will make your client decide whether they’re in hygiene heaven or hell.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few unhygienic situations and found a few of our products could help solve them.

Poor hand hygiene facilities

The sink is the endpoint of the customer cycle when it comes to washrooms, the logical conclusion to your visit – and it’ll be a less than satisfactory end if your sink and drying facilities are subpar.

The solution: Even if your sink is a little dirty (after all, it only takes one filthy customer to ruin a sink directly after a cleaning check), an electric hand dryer or hand towel dispenser will leave customers satisfied that germs have been removed from their hands.

An unfortunate smell

Foul smells are inevitable in even a low-traffic bathroom, and they’ll be the first thing that hits a customer when they enter your washroom. In some cases, they might put a person off entirely.

What’s more, smells can carry airborne bacteria, meaning a pong could be loaded with the potential for illness.

The solution: To ensure that your washroom smells the way it should, we’d recommend our air fresheners and purifiers. These will remove any germs from the air in your facilities and ensure a hygiene haven.

Unsightly sinks

There are few excuses for sinks covered in mildew or other dirt, especially if your washrooms are inspected thoroughly. But sometimes all sinks will be dirtier than we’d like, and some could be harbouring many invisible germs.

The solution: Provide customers with our UltraProtect Surface Wipes, which are designed to kill 99.9 per cent of germs on all surfaces. This’ll ensure it’s gleaming, even when your cleaners are elsewhere.

These are only a few suggestions. To find more of these perfect washroom solutions, check out the rest of our site.


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