The importance of sanitary waste disposal

The 19th of November 2016 marks World Toilet Day – a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the consequences of poor sanitation. To show our support to the project, this month we will be covering a range of topics surrounding sanitation and will also highlight how even in the UK this can be improved.

To kick things off, this week we’re discussing sanitary waste disposal, what it is and why it’s so important for employers to implement a safe and proper removal system.

What is sanitary waste disposal?

Feminine hygiene waste disposal allows businesses to discard of sanitary waste in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner. Not only is this important to prevent bacteria and illnesses spreading, it also ensures that you’re complying with UK regulations.

With Initial’s sanitary waste disposal service, we provide you with hygienic disposal bins, a fully trained representative who will perform regular scheduled visits to your premises, removal of sanitary waste and a full waste transfer certificate which verifies that you’re complying with UK waste legislation.

Why is it important to dispose of sanitary waste safely?


Did you know that sanitary disposal bins are the most dangerous place in a woman’s bathroom? Even if they’re emptied daily and cleaned every once in a while, these bins pose the greatest health risk in a bathroom which is why it’s so important to use a professional disposal service.

It’s not just the contents of these bins that put us at risk of contracting an illness or disease, the actual bins can pose a huge threat to our health as well. Traditionally, they’re placed next to the toilet which naturally is a very unhygienic place to be. Every time we flush the toilet, a mist is released. This can contain anything from Hepatitis A and C to salmonella and E. coli and if bins aren’t property sanitised or disinfected, these microorganisms can survive on them for months.

Protects the environment

Sanitary waste should not be flushed down the toilet but if there are no bins available, people don’t have any other choice but to do this. Not only can this lead to expensive drain clearing bills, it causes pollution of the water systems and even our beaches.

Blocked drains can also lead to out of order toilets and unpleasant smells which is something you especially want to avoid if you have customers visiting your premises.

Compliance with sanitary waste disposal regulations

Adhering to sanitary waste disposal regulations ensures that your company is complying with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, The Water Industries Act 1991 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations can result in unlimited fines as well as cause damage to the reputation of your business.

Enhances your washroom facilities

Naturally you want to be able to offer your workers safe and pleasant washroom facilities. This is also very important if you have customers or clients visiting your offices. You can further enhance your sanitary facilities by opting for bins which contain the Biofresh insert.

As well as providing unbeatable odour control, this also contains an anti-microbial solution, an insect repellent and a pleasantcitrus fragrance for unbeatable freshness.


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