Tactical clean-up: stand to attention for army hygiene

Tactical clean-up: stand to attention for army hygiene

They’re on the frontlines or in the barracks protecting us from harm. They’re battling terrorists, undertaking tactical manoeuvres and helping with aid overseas.

Our military heroes have an impressive campaign record – but they’re struggling to keep clean while they do it.

According to Army Times, researchers at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Centre in the US have set up a survey for soldiers asking them about their cleanliness on- and off-field.

Because poor soldier hygiene in the midst of battle won’t just lead to clothes pegs on the enemy’s nose – it could affect the performance of the best and brightest in the military.

Poor hygiene can create itches, illness, athlete’s foot and other ailments that will lead to lapses in distraction on the battlefield. It’s great to see the military trying to stamp it out. As poor hygiene spreads, so does diminished strength increase.

But this leads us to a wider war being waged – the war against poor hygiene everywhere.

In every workplace, not just the army, cleanliness has to be paramount – and your business has to do all it can to stem the flow of bad bacteria.

With our help you’ll have the washroom luxury of the top brass. So get in touch with us for the medal of hygiene honour.

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