You’re in urine: a tale of a washroom gone wrong

Some people don’t appreciate the level of hard work and rigorous thought that goes into optimising a washroom – but we’ve found a story to show just how important the process is.

Think on poor Gordie Wallace, whose traumatic story hit the headlines this month when his trip to an Aberdeen washroom went horribly wrong.

Eating in restaurant Handmade Burger, Wallace went to use the facilities. But he soon found himself splashed with his own urine when he accidentally set off a hand dryer placed too close to the urinals.

A splashback to remember

Speaking to Metro, Wallace said, “I tried to dive out of the way of the stream but it was too late. My girlfriend heard me squeak from outside the door. I was so embarrassed that I immediately left.

“I put a tongue-in-cheek post on their Facebook page and thought that nothing would come of it but the reaction has been really surprising. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this.”

Handmade Burger took the complaint as a chance to show off its impressive PR skills – by sending him free socks for a year as an apology for his soiled clothes.

Their response is admirable – but it all points to the reality of a dodgy washroom.

Without a well-designed set of facilities, your customers’ experience will be hampered. And their complaints might not be as polite as Gordie Wallace’s.

If you want to avoid giving your customers a nasty accident, get in touch – as the very least, we’ll keep your customers’ clothing free of urine!

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