When handbags harbour a hygiene hazard: the facts

You’ve seen them on the catwalks, ogled them in high street stores and splashed the cash for one of your own – but do you realise just how much bacteria is infecting your handbag?

Few do. Yet we found that these powerful status symbols harbour more nasty germs than an average toilet flush.

Using swab tests, we discovered that one in five handbags contain a bacteria-related contamination strong enough to pose the risk of cross contamination. Meanwhile, a handbag handle contained three times this amount.

Why are they so disgusting? In part, it’s because few of us think to wash our handbags, despite carrying them almost everywhere.

Bags and bacteria: an unhappy pairing

In every new environment we enter, our bags are being exposed to germs both airborne and contact-based – and could infect us as soon as we touch them.

How much bacteria your handbag collects depends on the fabric used, its texture and the places you travel to. But once it’s there, it could have a dramatic impact on your health.

So what’s the solution?

To stem the spread of bacteria, invest in antibacterial products to wipe your handbag at regular intervals. And purchase a portable hand wash you can carry with you wherever you go.

There’s a germ lurking on every surface – make sure your fashion choices don’t lead you to catch them.

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