Super hygiene – arriving in the nick of time!

Superheroes have to arrive “just in the nick of time” if they want to ramp up the drama. The bomb timer is almost at zero, the girl is tied to the railway tracks and the hero has to show up, with only seconds to spare, to save the day.

But what if hand hygiene experts could intervene just before a filthy mitt infected a hospital?

According to some studies, that could be the antidote needed for an improvement in hygiene levels.

As reported by Medscape, the Stritch School of Medicine has found that a rapid intervention can be enough to prevent hygiene standards from descending into outright filth.

“Quite simply, I believe that very often healthcare workers underestimate the impact and importance of hand hygiene,” said Dr Jorge Parada, the leading MD on the study. “Despite over a century of evidence showing the effectiveness of hand hygiene, many healthcare workers don’t really get it.”

In part because of laziness and ignorance, many doctors or nurses mistakenly won’t wash their hands because they aren’t examining patients or are wearing hygiene gloves.

Aiming for better results

The team set up a Just-in-Time Coaching crew to teach serial filth offenders the best methods for hygiene. With their help, the hand hygiene rate of their clients rose from 26 per cent to 78 per cent.

They’re whopping results, and they show just how much a shift in strategies can improve basic cleanliness.

For a marked improvement in your cleanliness, improve the facilities that need it most. Your employees will feel compelled to get cleaner pronto when they’ve got a new washroom in their midst.

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