Keep it simple – with uncomplicated hygiene

Sometimes hygiene ISN’T about implementing as many strict rules and regulations as possible. If your guidelines are a mess, your place of business will be too.

At least that’s the information coming from inspectors of NHS Scotland.

Many of the hospitals inspected have suffered from exceedingly poor hygiene standards – in part because the delegation of cleaning tasks is unclear.

What’s more, the line between nurses and cleaning staff is growing increasingly blurred.

More than medical

But the problem isn’t solely confined to hospitals.

Consider the average office – are you responsible for the cleanliness of your desk, or does that task fall to your cleaner? Even a minor level of confusion like this could lead to a build-up of bacteria that will spread across your office like wildfire.

Without clearer delineations between cleaning and medical staff, the hygiene horrors feasted on by tabloid newspapers will perpetuate in a disgusting cycle. And no matter what business you’re in, you’ll be plagued with similar problems should you fail to keep your organisational skills up to scratch.

Before your cleaning staff get to work, ensure they know their role down to a tee.

For our part, we’ll provide you with facilities that are easy to clean and leave you at the peak of hygiene. Get in touch and we’ll keep things simple AND hygienic.

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