Intelligence – does your washroom need an IQ boost?

You might think of Stephen Hawking or Alan Turing when intelligence is on your mind, but the future of washrooms is growing smarter and smarter – and it’s all thanks to intelligent responses.

Indeed, if you enter a top-notch washroom you shouldn’t be considering its maintenance or cleanliness. But we’ve all been in enough dodgy facilities to understand where washrooms can go disgustingly wrong.

Sodden toilet bowls, grimy sinks and lime scale-ridden walls are just a few of the things you’ll have to weather – and wanted to do was relieve yourself. There’s nothing intelligent about that design.

But combatting these grimy, unhygienic pits has been getting easier with the evolution of microprocessors and computer chips – and the possibilities for maintaining cleanliness are ever growing.

The next step for washrooms

According to the European Cleaning Journal, many washroom suppliers are slowly but surely developing the next generation of intelligent cleaning devices.

Soap dispensers, for instance, could be fitted with systems that will email or text cleaners to notify them that they’re running low.

What do such innovations lead to? For one, a greater level of satisfaction from both users and staff.

No longer will users suffer empty soap dispensers, and no longer will busy staff have to constantly check facilities to top them up.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intelligent design – but we like to think we’ve been making clever innovations with our washrooms since we started.

With the right installation, design and staff, we’ve always been able to guarantee clean washrooms – whether you’re soap dispenser acts like Stephen Hawking or not.

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