Breathe easy: cleaning the air in your washroom

Washroom users always worry about the surfaces of their facilities. They wipe down toilet seats and scrub sinks to gleaming perfection. Yet few people consider another place where bacteria are lurking – in the air they breathe.

But airborne bacteria can cause serious harm to the body, in some cases leading to respiratory problems and major diseases.

Indeed, according to research by Yale University, a person’s mere presence in a room can add a whopping 37 million bacteria to the air every hour.

Researchers found that a single occupant in a room cause a major spike in airborne germs, leading to larger-sized fungal particles and medium-sized bacterial particles corrupting the air.

Now imagine that study carried out in the nation’s bathrooms – in a place already beset with bacteria, those 37 million particles will look like small fries.

The purer solution

You shouldn’t be forced to step outside just to enjoy clean air, which is why we stock air purifiers that’ll keep the atmosphere in your washroom as clean as your finely wiped toilet seat.

Our air purifiers are specially designed to clear out any odours that could be harbouring airborne bacteria, including E Coli, flu viruses, salmonella and many more.

More than this, purifying tech removes the need for chemical-filled sprays, allowing you to breathe deeply without filing your lungs with pollutants.

Keeping the air clean is just as important as scrubbing your toilet bowl. So, make sure you invest in the right products for your washroom.

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