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Initial Hygiene helps businesses of every size, in every sector, provide a hygienic washroom solution for their visitors and employees. Understanding the science behind the washroom and the potential risks of contamination has enabled us to know what is needed to raise and maintain a high standard of washroom hygiene.


Initial Medical’s extensive clinical waste management experience allows us to understand the needs of various markets and sectors. We have valuable experience providing clinical waste management to a wide range of markets and understand the unique needs of each. We will work with you to ensure that your clinical waste disposal is carried out when you want it and with the correct paperwork in place.

Many businesses choose Initial because they need a dependable and experienced provider for support services, including washroom servicing, medical and clinical waste management, vending and floor care services. Since 1903, we have built a large national network of core support services which allows us to combine them into a single solution.

Having a single provider for all your facility needs saves you time and money in dealing with just one company. It also allows us to work closely with your company to better understand your business needs allowing us to meet them more efficiently and effectively.